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  1. I've never had braces. I only heard that they are painful, especially when you do something with them during eating. But I had crooked teeth, because one of them was too big and my jaw was to small or something like that, but now everything is alright.
  2. Yarishia

    General Your travels?

    I've been in Germany (Berlin and Freiburg), France (Colmar), Switzerland (Basel) and Hungary (Budapest).
  3. Szary But seriously, in English I spell it "Grey".
  4. Mostly I don't read the first post, but it depends of thread.
  5. I love the WIndows XP startup sound. But I also like startup sounds from WIndows 95 and 2000/Me.
  6. My school starts on September 1st.
  7. I had a pork chop and some rice.
  8. Yarishia

    Mega Thread Ever meet any other Bronies in RL?

    A lot of my irl friends are bronies. We make a meet almost every two weeks
  9. I'm feeling weird, every step for me is like walking on fire, my feet hurts Maybe I should just go to sleep and everything will be fine tomorrow
  10. I love every spicy flavor and Lays Fromage.
  11. I'm a Leo but I've never been interested how people with Leo sign are. I just never needed to know about this.
  12. I love almost every kind of cheese.
  13. Every 2 days, sometimes every 3, I have to use a lot of shampoo and I don't want buy more than one bottle per month.
  14. I always try to be an optimist even if the situation is really bad.
  15. Probably Crash Bandicoot 2, but I'm not sure because I was 3 when I've played this.
  16. Yarishia

    General Favorite Supermarket?

    I like Lidl and Biedronka (Supermarket chain in Poland), there is everything what I need.
  17. Yarishia

    Mega Thread Favorite Background Pony?

    My favorite background pony is Lyra, I like her since I saw her first time (in 2013).
  18. I'm scared of dogs, so I prefer cats, they are so cute :3
  19. Yes, I do this to this time, but only when I know that I'm absolutely alone and nobody can hear me.
  20. Yarishia

    Technology What mobile OS do you use?

    I use Windows 10 Mobile, it's a good OS (except few little bugs), but the lack of apps on this OS bothers me so much. Sometimes I miss Android...
  21. Closed, always closed... I can't sleep with open door, because then is too loud for me (my parents have TV turned on almost all night) .
  22. Yarishia

    Technology What phone do you have?

    I currently have Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE, but probably I'll buy Huawei P9 in the near future. I miss Android too much
  23. Yay wacation! Finally :)

  24. Mostly I'm too shy to start a conversation and I hate it so much, because it's sometimes sad for me when I want to start talking with someone but something keeps me quiet But I'm very talkative when someone start the conversation with me.
  25. Not really, here in my city most of spiders are too small for me to see them (except these in zoo).
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