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  1. My darling wrote me a terrible but wonderful 3 page letter that I still have to this day which he handed to me at the beginning of geometry class one day. (With it was also a drawing of the main character from the enormous fim fiction, that he'd been writing and I'd been editing at the time, as a heckinadorable foal.) He proposed that we "not date" because dating in ninth grade is stupid. And i was elated but i had no idea how to respond! It was a confession, not a question so how do I answer??? Eventually he came to me at the end of the day all sad like and expecting I hated him, so, after some frantic backpedaling on my part we finally came to the mutual agreement not to date eachother! How did your so ask you out/confess?
  2. Would it be out of turn to post poetry as statuses?

    Or, more to the point, is it too edgy and OOF to do so?


    1. Snow


      Up to you really, might be a good way to find other people who appreciate it as you do?

  3. Probably the deficit of trust that's formed in the wake of repeated betrayal due to severe addiction on one side and being heavily effected due to depression and low self esteem on the other. tmi? Lol Same?
  4. In 8th grade in math class. Same?
  5. *el sign*

    Its lonely online when everyone's a stranger. I log in to get away from all that, but recently, it feels like the space between everything is growing, but I dont know how to get closer.


  6. Tfw u always sleep on ur hand but u burned ur knuckles... :mellow:

  7. Close the F**KING CABINET when you walk away! Same?
  8. I have done so extensively. Its usually great except for when I notice him doing something dumb and correct him too many times. He gets frustrated, I get frustrated, but usually it's not like that. We typically have alot of fun working together! :3 same?
  9. "I love him for his binger dingus." "My husband is just straight up eating plain cold spaghetti out of a ziplock bag with his hands while we watch jojo. Sometimes he gets distracted reading the subtitles and just holds it over his head. I have pictures, I'll prove it."
  10. Dawwww that's so sweet ♡♡♡