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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. BluePi=Appledash

    Planning Time That Bonds, War Rising

    My name is BluePi! I would love to join! Good side, please.
  3. When people talk about Equestria Girls, I hear pretty negative things. I sort of agree, but they just get better. I absolutely LOVED friendship games! It made me like the concept of it. Who agrees with me???
  4. BluePi=Appledash


    So, my fimfiction is just sitting around, and I have serious writer's block. I DO need help with ideas. Any ideas?
  5. BluePi=Appledash

    Crystal War: video project concept

    That sounds so cool! I approve!
  6. BluePi=Appledash

    Here's a big mess I made

    My Celestia !!! That was so funny!
  7. BluePi=Appledash

    Desktop Ponies

    I didn't know where to put this. My mom doesn't want me to get Desktop Ponies because apparently it "sucks power from your computer". Is this true?
  8. BluePi=Appledash

    Parody Games

    I do have Legends of Equestria. And I'll check out EqD for sure!
  9. BluePi=Appledash

    Equestria Help

    Ok. Thank you. I'll do that now.
  10. BluePi=Appledash

    Parody Games

    I'm really curious. Are there any FREE, VIRUS FREE ponified games based off of real games?
  11. BluePi=Appledash

    Pone Crossovers

    I love crossovers. But why not anime and mlp? Let's talk about that!
  12. BluePi=Appledash

    Equestria Help

    I would like to know when the help section for Poniarcade is open.
  13. BluePi=Appledash

    (Aurora) Skylyn Nightwing

    She is so cute!!
  14. BluePi=Appledash

    Equestria Help

    Hello! The message right next to the portal to get into the Equestria server, it says the staff will soon allow help. It's been a while, it still says that message :diamondtiara: . I need help!! :awuh: ~BluePi