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  1. My fiance had the great idea to make some creepy fan art for the spookiest season of the year, so I made this American Horror Story inspired poster - featuring Pinkamena! I'll be making more and uploading them to our facebook and blog... I'll be uploading this post too once I get my others done as well! Stay tuned, and thank you for looking.
  2. Warren

    Ponysona art

    Thank you all again ;0; I've added a bit more to the post.
  3. Warren

    Ponysona art

    Thank you a bunch everyone! I've added another to this post.
  4. My fiance really wanted me to post this I made of our friend's ponysona, Cappuccino! She also made a blog for some of my art here if you'd like to take a gander! canterlotartgallery.tumblr.com I hope to add more to this post with more ponies I draw~ ^^ EDIT here's another of their sona, and then my fiance and I! She also ended up making a facebook too... You can see here! https://www.facebook.com/canterlotartgallery Another pic! This time of my fiance's sister and her favorite pony - Rarity ^^ You can also view a lot more stuff at my commissions post right here! https://mlpforums.com/topic/137018-warrens-wonderful-commissions/
  5. I love your name. It's always been a favorite of mine, plus it's my father's middle name. ^_^

    1. Warren


      Hey, thank you! That's really cool, there aren't a lot of Warrens[first name or otherwise ^^].

    2. Miles


      You're welcome. :}

  6. You know those sticks of mozzarella cheese? The string kind? Gross but everyone likes them. It just doesn't look good to me.... I hated it vehemently when I was little too, and I recall when I was in the 2nd grade another kid dangled one in my face and I punched him for it.
  7. I've skipped school so much. Sometimes though I'd sign out for some classes I didn't care to go to once I turned eighteen. You're not allowed to re-enter the school afterwards, but I often would creep back in to hang out in the art wing. My art teachers learned not to question me when my grinning face popped up outside their windows - they just let me in haha - enablers.
  8. I'd say my eyes? Often people have commented my irises look yellow-ish. A little girl told me, I have "exotic, yellow eyes" - so cute! So I think that's pretty neat.
  9. I'm feeling pretty good tonight, and better than I have been for the past few days. Although I am missing someone terribly right now!
  10. God I just love pasta. I love it especially with olive oil, garlic, light seasoning, parmesan and asiago.
  11. I'm really craving some fruit right now, so I'd have to say oranges~
  12. Mine's a blue Volkswagen Jetta, here's a pic, not of my own car but another - http://imganuncios.mitula.net/2011_volkswagen_jetta_se_blue_in_appleton_wisconsin_2110009425685766704.jpg
  13. I feel like most people here would say that summer is better here - they're typically mild and the highs are around 85. I love winter though, we get massive storms and tons of snow and I think it's lovely. I just hate heat too~ Our winters are perfect for me.
  14. Milk, yogurt, caesar salad dressing, cottage cheese... I have a sensory disorder and for some reason, dairy products will infuriate the heck out of me.