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  1. Everypony likes pizza ! Even Pinkie Pie does !
  2. I think that is Starlight's alternate universe. She caused Equestria to turn into dust after destroying the only thing that keeps Equestria alive. Without the strong friendship of the mane six, Equestria would literally not exsist. That's why Starlight Glimmer was so suprised. She realized that she made that alternate universe and literally ruined Equestria by tearing their friendship apart. That just shows us and Starlight how strong the friendship of the mane six is. It may sound cheesy, but their friendship really is magic.
  3. Status Update: Oki Doki Loki

  4. The last movie I watched was Big Hero Six. What was most important to me however, was that I got watch it with this beautiful fandom on a livestream yesterday morning !
  5. I don't think any of the characters did bad. This was another enjoyable season for me and as a matter of fact I think the writers are doing better at writing season finales. They sure know how to shock, captivate, and keep their audience on the edge of their seats. That finale was amazing !
  6. This is a drawing I had uploaded a few weeks ago on my Deviantart account. I would really appreciate some pointers on how to get more viewings on my deviant art account and some constructive criticism on my art work. You can find me on my Deviantart account by the same username Shutterflychaos. Thank you for your support. /) Brohoof
  7. Always look forward to the next day. That's what I do when i'm having a bad day. The worse the day, the better your next days will turn out. *Internet hug*
  8. Fluttershy reminds me a lot of myself. I have always loved animals and am usually quite.
  9. I have always loved Fluttercord and it is my absolute favorite ship ! There are some that disagree though. I would like to know what you guys think.
  10. It never really made sense to me. I'm a HUGE fluttercord shipper though and never really liked Dislestia.
  11. Fluttershy has to be my favorite. I can relate alot to her and am usually the quite one. I also absolutely adore animals !
  12. Watching Friendship Games for the upteenth time !
  13. I'm trying to pick between Discord or Doctor Whooves. Though i'm sure that The Doctor would save me, it would be fun seeing Discord laugh the whole way down.