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  1. mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    In 2012 when I posted in this thread I said I was straight, haha lie of the year 2017 now, I've been dating a girl for over 2 years, and I feel almost entirely attracted to girls. c': where did it go wrong
  2. Happy birthday to one of the few members from 2011 who are still active here. :)

    1. Pinkazoidd


      Pfft, I'm hardly ever active.


      Thank you though!!

  3. It is 2012 and you're 13

  4. Get on my level weeb

  5. Holy crap your about me hit me right in the heart :c I feel it Pinkazoid. I feel it :c

  6. Happy birthday, Pinkazoid! :)

  7. You've probably forgotten about me, but hello and happy birthday nonetheless. :)