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  1. Happy birthday! ^_^

    1. Pinkazoidd


      Ayy, thanks dude!

  2. Thank you! It's all still a work in progress, so I don't expect much hah
  3. Hey hey, wanna try out a fresh-new-still-in-progress-but-still-totally-works system? The system I'm basing this off is created by a friend, this is err, the pony edition, I guess. I have created online versions of the character sheets on google docs, as well as a small guide on how to fill up the first portion of it, which includes the stats and some other stuff that goes into play during the game. I've also recorded myself filling out that same portion of the character sheet as a how-to guide of sorts. In my experience with this system, Character creation takes up quite some time, in order to eliminate some of that time, I encourage whoever is interested to fill out the first portion according to the guide. The DM (hey that's me) will help out during the later portion, which includes selecting a class or profession, and all the cool stuff that comes along with it. The system looks a bit scary, but I promise during gameplay it works wonders, there's not a lot of interruptions and everything seems pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Right now, I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in this, as for the story itself, I could do slice of life stuff as well as something closer to dungeon crawling, anything to get some more experience as a DM.
  4. Pinkazoidd

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    In 2012 when I posted in this thread I said I was straight, haha lie of the year 2017 now, I've been dating a girl for over 2 years, and I feel almost entirely attracted to girls. c': where did it go wrong
  5. Pinkazoidd

    Any oldies left? :/

    I only check on this place once a week now, rip
  6. Pinkazoidd

    MLP jumping the shark, when and how?

    I didn't really pay much attention to Season 4 after the mess in Season 3, since I hadn't really liked any of the episodes, I guess I just lost interest in the show >~> I did watch 5-6 random episodes from Season 4 and it didn't look bad at all, just ehh, not something I'm personally interested in xD
  7. Pinkazoidd

    MLP jumping the shark, when and how?

    Didn't it jump the shark when Twilight became an Alicorn? Idunno, personally haven't really been able to enjoy the show after Season 3 >> The last season wasn't that great, I skipped most of the episodes even though I was a huge fan of Futurama ;-;
  8. Pinkazoidd

    Music Am I the only Coldplay fan on this site?

    I really despise Coldplay, but I like listening to "The Scientist" as a guilty pleasure ;_;
  9. Pinkazoidd

    Mega Thread Get banned by dissing the mods

    That's a 2 year old post, but I think the guy had said "Who's this Feld0 guy? He sounds like a real ________" in a status update Can't remember his username xD
  10. Pinkazoidd

    Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    Forum Crush: None Pony Crush: None IRL Crush: One of my friends ;///;
  11. Pinkazoidd

    MBTI personality test

    Also I took the Enneagram test and got Type Nine with a One-Wing ^^
  12. Pinkazoidd

    What user number are you? C:

    353 ;w;
  13. Pinkazoidd

    Let's all make a rediculous OC together!

    Can his horn be detachable and used as a flotation device? ;_;
  14. Pinkazoidd

    Post your Desktop

  15. Pinkazoidd

    Stupidest Thing You Ever Did

    xD It's fine, I ended up having to go to the hospital the next morning, it was about 3 hours away ^^ So in the end, nothing of value was lost, besides my ability to walk properly for a week