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  1. season 5 has officially been epic

  2. Hey it's feather hooves! Was wondering your guys opinion about buying these mlp plushies off of amazon. I'm almost certain they are Chinese knock off, but they look well made. Has anyone actually bought one? Thanks for your help! Feather Hooves
  3. Feel free to add me :)

  4. Hey everyone Feather Hooves here! So I've been pretty bored online lately, and i'm looking for new friends to play games with. I'll add a list of games that i play below. Also open to game suggestions as well as questions. Thanks! Feather Hooves -GTA5 -Destiny -Skyrim -COD Black Ops 2 (mostly zombies) -Sims 3 -Fallout 3 -Fallout New Vegas -Also open to talk about many other games!
  5. hello =) its nice to meet you =)

  6. hello =) its nice to meet you =)

  7. Hey It's Feather Hooves, So i've been looking into getting an OC plushie made and i was wondering if anyone knew someone who doesn't charge insane prices. I'm wanting just a small plush no bigger than my hand of my OC laying down. She's white and has hair the same color as my font. She's also my avatar. Thanks for the help! Feather Hooves
  8. Welcome to the forums :D If you need any assistance or want someone to talk to feel free to send a PM :)

    1. Feather Hooves

      Feather Hooves

      Thanks! I'll be sure to remember. :)

    2. Chip Circuit
  9. Hi there Feather Hooves again, So I started thinking (dangerous nowadays) about rainbow dash. Has anyone noticed how she doesn't like to be on the ground (she naps on clouds and in the trees. She even lives on a cloud, as well as when twilight was trying to help her study she couldn't sit still because she wasn't flying) Then an idea hit me, what if she at one point had the same issue as scootaloo and she couldn't fly. (Of course one day she figures out how to fly and joined the speedster flight school) but it caused this fear that if she stayed on the ground she'd forget how
  10. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: I recently was looking up forums about the second half of season 5, and came across one on here. Decided what the hay and joined in. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Was baby sitting a friends daughter and she was watching littlest pet shop, the ads came on and it showed that a new mlp show was airing in a few weeks. I remember the older gens cuz I had a few. Thought to myself "Well why not?" been hooked since the first two episodes aired. ​Hi there, my names Feather Hooves. I'm a Pegasus po
  11. Welcome to the forums Feather Hooves ... PM me if you have any questions. /)

    1. Feather Hooves

      Feather Hooves

      Thank You! I'm glad to be here.

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