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  1. Lightbulb


    You also have forgone mention of the fact you are not inclined to say very much. But nevermind, you seem like fun. Fun and alcoholic. Welcome to the home of many a creature. Just be careful, there be bat winged creatures that walk on four legs! I done seen me one, they got nasty, gnashing teeth. Smell real nice too, depends on their colour. Most just smell like purple, or yellow. A couple smell like green. But those ones are kinda rare. Welcome again. Also, is there a user called Google? Because I've just chekced the viewer lsit, and it says there's two, and that there's someone called Google (1) right next to my name. Now either i'm seeing things, or it's just how the site works. Either way, I'm a fuzzy snow ball. That's not funny, Here's some music to cover the expenses of that bland joke;
  2. Lightbulb

    Ignorance is bliss; knowledge leads to betterment.

    G'mornin', afternoon here, but honestly there's always morning somewhere. Although I must admit, you sound a lot like someone I know. Is that you Fritz? Nah, he doesn't like horses. You like writing? Ever have a moment of brilliance where it all just, clicked? Those are fun moments. Also, can't help but notice you've said you're a fallout equestria fan, tis such a shame. I would have thought you a gypsy bard. I still find myself hilarious. Welcome to the site, you're gonna have fun here.
  3. *Confused* "Why'd d'you?" *Sighs* "Gonna walk away now."
  4. Lightbulb

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Green Light. *Drives*
  5. Lightbulb

    What Do You Expect Out Of A Friendship?

    All I expect from friendship is to get a hug... Really, I'm serious, if someone lets me hug them. I declare them a friend. If someone asks me for a hug, I will let them. Because friendship is not technicalities, in this day and age, its bare similarities. Half the time when i want to make a friend, i just talk. Eventually i come off as either smart or something bad, and then i'm either friends with them, or not. Simple as that. Listen to The Animals. Do it. You Don't want to sell me deathsticks, you want to go home and rethink your life.
  6. Lightbulb

    Out Of Order

    And a Hearty Rock on to you to, Welcome to the house of the Rising sun. But in honesty, Did you really need to wait? Nah, don't answer that. Enjoy my humour. (Can't help it. I HAVE to do this joke for myself.)
  7. Lightbulb

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking of how to utilize my Ork Jetpackers to take down the Imperum menace that has infested my planet, the Tau have also come along for the party, along with necrons, They all seem to know pretty well what they're doing. So i need to find a way to get rid of one before they mount an attack on me. Or i'll have to pray to my gods that they attack one another first.
  8. Lightbulb

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    The Cerberus Light That sounds like an epic tail.
  9. Lightbulb

    Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    Communism (or if you aren't happy with that) Communist
  10. Stave off boredom and tiredness, I eventually failed. Now, since they're the only things I've got in stock, I'm eating cookies and drinking milk. No shit, I'm really doing that. Cookies, Milk and the Internet, only thing that could make my day brighter is having Pinkie Pie suddenly appear and be... Pinkietastic... Something that Pinkie would say... Now, who wants to buy some weed?
  11. Lightbulb

    Hello I'm new here

    Hey, yo, hi, Name's Lightbulb, Enjoy your stay here at Casa De La MLPForums. It's good to see that we have another brick in this wall.
  12. Lightbulb

    Hi, first MLP forum joined

    Anxiety and Depression, take the pills, otherwise it'll get to you. Heh, that's actually funny that i hear it now. Through my life i've figured that, in this day and age, there are three things that are gonna get to you. And then there one of three things that'll kill you. You've been having what's gonna get me. Anyway, enough doom and gloom. Welcome to MLPForums, enjoy the people, enjoy the cider and the muffins and the ponies. Listen to the music and just love life. I'm gonna shift into my bed and lay down for a minute. Gonna turn to god for a minute. Then I'll come back to you. Merry Christmas (Even though it's late) and have a happy new year. God know people are gonna need it.
  13. Lightbulb

    Critique Wanted Please critique my OC

    The whole 'she made the doll just for her' throws the rope a bit short. If your trying to be original, something like, lost and found would help.
  14. Lightbulb

    Critique Wanted Please critique my OC

    In a basic sense, I overwork with Critique. I'm meaning, even if you want to stick your two bob close to the money. You should shy away from the treasure trove. Because ther- actually that might be confusing you. What i was saying was, in the sense of originality was, spelling mistakes aside, to keep a distance from the main cast. Yes, I've even got a few character here on my computer that have had an interaction with them. But none of them thoroughly know the main cast. Side characters are forgivable, but the main character area is a bit too close/ So basically what i meant was basically what you've said. Basically. Basic. In Basic. I'm gonna stop now.