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  1. 9 season and I still don't understand why people are hating on Fluttercord. :huh:

    1. Zoya the Pony Destroya

      Zoya the Pony Destroya

      Probably because there's nothing wrong with a strong friendship bring as it is without romance. It's the When Harry Met Sally argument.

    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      But there isn't anything wrong with friendship turning romance either. 

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Because Discord is old and




  2. Pathfinder is fun. :twi:

  3. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "It's not good to have everything you want..." Sunlight commented as she was finishing with her mane "...though technically speaking it's also impossible since ponies do have bit of natural greed, which means they always want more..." she made her way to her suitcase, took the dress, and put it in "...even I and Jade have that, but that's towards knowledge rather than money or stuff." Jade: "Well, as long as you're aright with it..." Jade said with a smile "...I just don't want to be pushy or anything, I'm new to the whole relationship thing so if i'm doing anything wrong, please do tell me..." he knew that Dew didn't have experience either, but he believed that for biological pony it came lot more naturally, and he had noticed that mares in general just seemed to be more natural when it came to relationships. "...but if there's nothing more for today to do or say, should we head to bed?"
  4. @Dynamo Pad "I am half-pony and half-dragon, that's really the only way I can word it, of course it isn't exact halves, since for example my appearance is lot more dragon, but that's a good rule to go by if you try to figure out how much qualities I have from what side...." Ember explained "...but I'd say that I have mostly positives from both sides, but option of others depends on which species you ask."
  5. "Actually I don't count." Jenna stated "I knew you would say me so I specified that it has to be someone who has been there always." "But it's curious, yet not unusual that you don't have other role models." "What about idols?, any celebrities or such that have had an effect in your life?"
  6. "Okay that's bit of an overstatement, there's no way you would find that cute." Jenna said with a chuckle, not minding the petting, it was weirdly pleasant actually "And I'd still argue some of your instincts that you can't control would make you fearful at least for a moment....but well, we'll see it then, and don't even try to act tough when it happens, I can sense fear." she grinned playfully, but what she said was true, dragons were able to sense fear thanks to their superior senses.
  7. @Blitz Boom "I'm not really the spa type." Ruby simply replied, she had just shrugged at Spicy's sphinx comment due not having anything to argue. "Other than that I'll let you decide, I don't really have preferences since I don't usually do things like this." she didn't care for drinking or gambling, and obviously didn't eat in pony restaurants, and would focus on possibilities to make profit, but she wanted to at least seem like she actually cared about such entertainment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada looked like she didn't know how to feel about Berry's story, more precisely, she wasn't sure if to be sad or disturbed about it, but she didn't say anything about it. After Berry's last comments, Nada was thoughtful "Though I understand why talking about it is important, isn't big part of being insane that you think you're sane? How would you talk about a problem you don't know you have?"
  8. My lessons have been more about myself than anything else, the show itself didn't really teach me anything, but the fandom, the community, it has shown me lot more than I could even start listing here. But there is a one direct lesson that I learned thank to the forums that has ended up having a quite a big effect to my life, and that was a warning from a staff member. In short, in the start of my mlp journey I traced a drawing to submit it in a request threat to certain user, and got a warning, like I should have, and now, 4-5 years later, I'm pumping out OCs like a machine, making my own art There's too many people to say any names, but those who are still here know who they are, and for those who have moved on, or in some cases sadly, left this realm, I can only wish the best where ever they are. But for all of them I'd like to give thank you, they have had bigger impact in my life than most of them know, and I'm forever thankful for that. Not sure about what exactly last one is asking, but honestly the whole mlp thing was unexpected, if you were to tell the past me about this, he wouldn't believe you.

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Oh, I watched that just a bit earlier! It's pretty great :squee: :pinkie: 

  10. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "I wouldn't go as far as saying money isn't necessity, you can't really be happy if you don't have food to eat...." Sunlight pointed out as she headed to take off the dress and such "...or well, you can, but that requires an amount of optimism that I have hard time imagining...." she folded the dress neatly on top of her luggage and started shaping her mane back to its usual style. Jade: "I don't necessarily need a room, the privacy concern was mostly on Sunlight, you know, mare things..." he paused for a moment, looking slightly unsure when planning his next words, he decided to be honest, he couldn't start lying now "...okay, I'll just say it, I'd actually prefer sleeping with you, I know it may be bit inappropriate suggestion at this point, but I'm awful at making excuses so I'm better just being honest like always."
  11. @Dynamo Pad "I don't know, maybe..." Ember responded "...because I have felt greedy, but ponies do have greed too, so it isn't necessarily dragon greed..." she shrugged "...but regardless of which it is, it's not even near to the amount of greed that full dragons experience, and I don't really care for hoarding treasure....but then again, this all could also be just because I grew up in pony family, since even Spike, who's fully dragon has had such experience only once."
  12. "Well, like I have mentioned at some point, I'm considered a hatcling still, that's also why I keep mentioning how much smarter and stronger our opponent is, I'm basically a kid in dragon standards." Jenna said nonchalantly, still having a overall positive tone "But yes, I'm aware I'm imposing to humans, that's why I warned you that you may be bit scared if you see my true form." she gave Oliver a humorous grin.
  13. Jenna smiled and leaned back "Feeling is mutual." she didn't really get the answers she had hoped for, but whatever, it wasn't important anyways. She was quiet for a moment, thinking about things, when she suddenly spoke again "There's something I'm curious about that I haven't remembered to ask." "Do you have anyone you look up to, besides your parents, the type of person who you have always looked up to, who is role model of sort for you? someone like my trainer is for me?"
  14. @Blitz Boom Ruby just shrugged at Samuel's suggestion, she couldn't really form an opinion about his words because she didn't know what the truth was. When he was gone and Spicy had commented her comments, Ruby spoke "He isn't necessarily wrong about me though." "Because though it's true that the cat thing may be just a powerful creature having its weird fun, it could just as likely have an actual reason." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada shook her head with humorous exhale "I'm not really one for dramatic performances like that, I just sing, so no worries about that." "But who knows, maybe I lose my mind at some point and end up doing something like that, no creature is immune to insanity."
  15. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "I know you're trying to comfort me but there's no need, nor is there really any use either...." Sunlight said with a warm smile " feeling unhappy for the plans going south is perfectly expected thing, it's only natural after all, and even though this night have been a success, it doesn't change the fact that the original plan was a failure thanks to the certain stallion..." she opened the door to their room and let Dynamo in before going in herself. "...but if you don't want me to be unhappy about it because of what you missed, I'll be unhappy about the fact that it was waste of money." there was a humorous tone in her voice for the last point, but it was also party true, because as selfish as it may be, it did annoy her that the money put into the surprise was wasted. Jade: "We shared a room but had our own beds..." Jade simply responded "...and that has been the case in every apartment we have had, there hasn't been a need for separate rooms, but we wanted to give each other a little privacy still, so our beds were on the opposite walls of the room."