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About Me





Random Facts


Personality: ISTJ-A


-My favorite colors are Red and Black.


- Music is love, Music is life.


- There is one book-series I Enjoy a lot. Warriors (or Warrior Cats) by Erin Hunter.



- My Mane six top list is:

1. Fluttershy and Applejack :sealed::bedeyes:

1.5 Pinkie :ooh:

2.Twilight :o

3. Rainbow Dash and Rarity >_>:confused:

Favorite villain and not-mane-six pony.

Villain: Discord  and Tempest Shadow

Pony: Marble Pie and Lyra

Non-pony: Sphinx and Autumn Blaze



My OCs

"Magic Potion"

"Ponysona" (don't have character database page yet.)

"Finished" OC (information not necessary up to date)

"Gleaming Grin"









"Staunch Fidelity"


Unicorn. Male
His coat is #74C365
Soldier pony.
Blonde and short mane and tail (Similar to Magic Potion's)
Eyes are same color as "Ponysona"
Wears Finnish Army Uniform.






"Speechless Night"



He is mute.
He can let out noises and laugh etc. But he can't speak, and because of that, he carries notebook and a pen in the small bag with him, so he can communicate with other ponies easier. 

Cutiemark (seen on the little bag) is black cat's footprint with white bat-wings inside it.

Due his inability to speak, Speechless has learned (and still learns) to make and understand all kind of noises and movements to communicate("talk") with animals, cats being his expertise. 


"Frail Spark"


Cutiemark: Glass horn on pile of sand with spark of magic on top.
Talent: Making and working with glass. Makes statues/other ornaments from glass. (using magic)


"He" "It" and "They"


He is made of fire.
It is made of Dark Magic
All of them are ghosts in a way. (Can disappear, already dead. Can choose to be solid.)

They's halves are opposites, Light (Emits light) and Dark ("Absorbs" light), One Loves living things, and other Hates everything living. One Helps life grow, and other kills it. One hopes the best for all life, and other hopes only the worst. etc.

The things between They isn't solid thing, it's more of a this type of thing,



 but magic or something similar. 

 The plants are not part of 'They', it's just there as a illustration. 

"Ceron Thesu"



Moonlight transforms him into the two-headed cat-thing, and sunlight transforms him back into a pony.
Can't get a cutiemark. 



Head = cat, Body and hands = dragon, Hooves = pony, Wings = bat, Tail = lion

Not as powerful as Discord. Can teleport, levitate. Can also create and change things to certain extend. Simply put, powerful, but not as powerful as Discord.



"Lunar Charm"



Likes night, moon and all that stuff. 

"Nadanna Adratina (Nada)"


Linework by @Raven Rawne, color by me.

Like in the canon, she too needs negative energy to keep up her powers, but because she' than other sirens, she stopped consuming it long time ago, and thus is now not only powerless, but also smaller than normal sirens (about 2.5x bigger than a full grown mare). (can fly/float since it seems to be something sirens can do) 

Back before banishment of Dazzlings, Nada used to live on her own, now and then singing to ponies who wanted to listen, but after the banishment, she fled to Everfree forest and stayed there, hiding and singing to herself, not knowing if anypony, or anything ever stopped to listen her singing. During her time in the time in the Everfree, she has developed a almost paranoid wariness towards ponies, fearing that they will banish her too if they find her. 

"Golden Melody"


She's blind.
Due said blindness, her other senses are better than "normal" ponies, and she can also navigate by sending "waves" of magic from her horn that work almost like echo sounder, but the "waves" don't need to pounce back for her to sense what's there.

Reason for blindfold:
Back when she was just a baby, her parents noticed that she was lot more comfortable and calm when her eyes were covered by something, so they tried giving her a blindfold and it ended up being a good idea, and it just has stuck with her as something she likes to wear.

She learns any song very quickly and she has very beautiful singing voice.

"Jade Soar" and "Sunlight Lavender"



"Ruby Shine"



She's dragon from land outside Equestria, and she came to Equestria seeking better life and shiny things. I have yet to create her a detailed backstory because I usually create them while RPing. She is able to change between pony and her true form freely, and it happens via use of dragon magicof sorts. (doesn't eat gems like Equestria-dragons do, but loves anything that shines)

Cutiemark: shining ruby. She didn't earn it by any means, since it's just part of her disguise, but when asked about it, she tells it reflects her ability to find anything that shines from almost anywhere.

Talent: 6th sense for shiny things. 

"Wild Bellflower" 


"Smithy Mustang"



"Mystic Shade" and "Emerald Tinker"


They aren't siblings or connected in any way, they just were created at the same time.
Mystic's talent is to control shadows in various ways.
Emerald's talent is to build things like the six tentacle things you see in the picture.




"Verbena" and "Pseudo Semblance"


Not related to Each other
Pseudo's talent is illusion magic, Verbena's talent is magic similar to what you see in Dr.Strange.


Something I didn't mention but you want to know? It might have been answered here, and if not, feel free to ask: 


If you want to chat, feel free to PM me, I will answer asap.


Here is my steam profile, feel free to add me if you feel like it, But tell me that you are from forums when I accept:


My Celtic Signs:

Animal: Wolf/Hound

Tree/plant: Reed

Druid sign: Harmonic Moon