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  1. I seem to never be able to keep myself on a good sleep schedule. I'm always falling asleep in the afternoon, and then when it's bedtime, I usually stay up on my phone too long and then take forever to fall asleep afterwards. I'm basically just always tired and hardly sleeping.
  2. Just bought my ticket to FanX in Salt Lake City this week! :yay: Anypony else ever been before? It's my first time.

    1. Star Silk

      Star Silk

      I haven't! But I hope you have a blast!!! :D

    2. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Congratulations for the ticket and good morning, I hope you enjoy, Geek!

    3. Astral Soul
  3. Today started really awesome for me. Work felt great, I went to a religion class tonight feeling awesome, and the the moment class was done and it was time to socialize, huge mental crash. At least this time I was able to switch to my external self before it overwhelmed me entirely. (My "external self" is what I call my state of mind where I step out of my emotions and observe them as though I were a third-party. Learned this ability in therapy awhile back. lol)



    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Sometimes these things can catch you by surprise, even when we otherwise feel really good. I'm glad you at least have a technique for dealing with it when it does. :kindness:

    2. Pandora


      Sorry to hear you had a mental crash - i hope all is well now though! <3 You got this!

  4. Goodnight!


    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. TomDaBombMLP



      Creepy picture. :sealed:

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Can I hide from it ?

      Goodnight :>

  5. I really love this song now. In the last month, I've driven almost 3000 miles. The world is so big, and I doubt I could ever see it all. And that's not even counting outer space and the billions of worlds out there! Goodnight everypony!


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    2. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Goodnight, Geek!

    3. TomDaBombMLP


      Goodnight! :BrightMacContent:

    4. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      This is why I love to travel. There are countless beautiful places to discover and experience out there. :kindness:

  6. I got in my car this morning and drove to work. Then I did the same journey in reverse this evening! It's actually more exciting than it sounds since it was my first day at an internship. lol
  7. It's awesome! I mean, look what I did.
  8. I just recently got an actual ref-sheet for my OC Phoenix Gleam! It's been far too long without one. lol :squee:


    Art by Toaster

    1. Totally Huey

      Totally Huey

      Looks awesome. The color scheme really works.

    2. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      He's so adorable 

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Awesome! Great work :>

  9. The pool is calm, quiet, and unusually cold. :mlp_blink: I don't know what's wrong with the management here.


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    2. Rikifive


      Still better than crowded pools. :mlp_icwudt:

    3. TomDaBombMLP


      Still, you have it all to yourself! :squee:

      I also prefer when it's heated though. :twi:

    4. Paleopony


      Better than it being crowded.

  10. Partialgeek514

    New member

    Hope you have an awesome time!
  11. Partialgeek514

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

  12. Heartland is awesome! Although I've only seen a few episodes of it. lol I mainly remember it because it's set in the area I grew up in. Very few shows are ever set in Alberta! It might have already been asked, but have you (or Starry) travelled internationally much?
  13. Well, I spent way more time today trying to figure out electric circuits than I thought. I think I made a lot of progress. I may just me a bit brain dead now though. :BornAgainBrony:

    Also, this was meant to be a longer post, but I forgot about the bug and lost it all. lol

    1. Star Silk

      Star Silk


      please repost?

    2. Star Silk

      Star Silk

      Hahah oh my gosh

  14. Partialgeek514

    Hey there.

    Glad to have you! Hope you make some awesome friends!
  15. I just spent 4 hours trying to understand how an AND gate works. I pretty much figured it out within 20 minutes, but then I spent hours trying to find the purpose of a particular resistor in a particular schematic and I just figured it out now. It's a pull-down resistor. Duh.
  16. And Monday is here again. Hope everypony is having a good day! I should probably do some coding later today. :P

    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      I had despites being Mehday :> I hope you're having one good Monday  too. Yeah, you should :yay:

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Hope you are too! :squee:

  17. Made my first blog post about Everfree Northwest if anypony's interested. :)


    1. Pandora


      I am but Im gaming so might take some time to check

    2. Partialgeek514


      @Pandora No pressure. ;) Games are fun!

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      I need to read it >_<!

  18. My journey this year began as a 14 hour drive. It should have been only 12, but I've never been the best navigator. Only an hour or 2 into my drive towards Seaddle, Google Maps sent me onto a small road with a handmade sign reading, "Google is wrong. Turn back." I decide to turn back and find another route. The main concern at this point is that I'm on a major highway heading south, but I need to get over to another highway a few dozen kilometers west. I look at Google Maps and see a small but yellow coloured highway leading from the road I'm on to the road I want. I turned onto that road and
  19. Really cool characters you have. I'm impressed with the amount of thought you put into their back-stories and personalities. The visual designs are amazing too.
  20. 0 bones. But if we're counting bones other my own...
  21. I'm pretty confident the status update bug is on the server somewhere. The POST requests look normal and contain all the right data from what I can tell. That's kind of what I expected anyway though, since I'd expect a bug on the local Javascript to be solved by now. Not that I know anything about how this website works though. lol

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    2. Partialgeek514


      @Pandora Pretty much. lol

    3. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Having to to copy, edit, then paste everything you wrote is getting tiresome and annoying.

    4. Partialgeek514


      @Windy Breeze You can technically just post a single word and then hit edit to write your status. You don't have to copy and paste that way. :)

  22. Still testing stuff.

  23. Don't mind me. Just testing stuff.

  24. Hope everypony is having a good weekend! I went to a rope climbing course yesterday and didn't die! That's my achievement for the week. :derp:

    1. Twilight Luna
    2. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      I had. I hope you had fun

      @Twilight LunaI second that ;) 

  25. Partialgeek514

    Izzy Moonbow Fan Club!

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