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  1. I need for some of my friend to come on and for some of them to talk to me when they're on more. But I don't wanna be a jerk and say that to their faces. What do I do?

    1. MountainDrew


      Ask them politely and don't offend them. And if they say no then don't spam them with insults and just ask them again later.

      If you offend them then they'll probably never want to talk to you again. In my experience at least.

  2. *Points at Tumblr* You will never find a more justice insulting hive of praising shit (see SU) and stupidity.

  3. Sometimes... I just want a boy my age to cuddle in bed with. Nothing sexual for the most part, maybe peck on the lips for a bit. Have sex like, once every week or two. Something like that.

  4. "Attack of The Human-Sized Pikmin", coming to a cinema near you.

  5. I can't believe it took 4 years of bronyhood to finaly take the show's subtitle as truth. It's amazing what good people can do to you!

    1. MountainDrew


      Glad everything's going good now =)

  6. Everyone's abandoned me...... I'm all I got left. Wish me luck.

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    2. MountainDrew


      Everyone has a reason to live, no matter who it is. Just don't ever lose hope or give up on yourself =)

      Also if you ever need anyone to talk to you could always talk to me. If I don't reply right away then I'm probably busy, but I'll try to respond quickly =)

    3. DavidTheZettaNerd


      Thanks... My Skype's should be on my profile. But PM me on the forums when you try to find me, 'kay?

    4. MountainDrew


      Okay =)

      You could also start a topic or PM some more people if you want more friends =)

      I'll add you in a sec.

  7. RIP Drawn To Life. For there may be no reason for remembering on this day. However, you will always be missed. Even if by myself and no others.

  8. I kinda like it. If only because it's a gay couple that doesn't have the mane 6 in it, so everyone will be happy.
  9. i want that Gamestop amiibo three pack of R.O.B, Mr. Game And Watch, and Duck Hunt. But $30, though, What's worse is that that's a really good deal but still a bit of money. Also, I know they'll be sold out. Because amiibo.

  10. SMASH BROS. RAGE ALL OVER THE DAY I JUST HAD! Cursed moments when i get launched by one foe, only to then be killed by a projectile from a foe who wasn't even trying to hit me!

  11. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I see. Well, let's get this out of the way before we go on. DT is a Dahlia Hawthorne in the making. And if you know who Dahlia Hawthorne is, YOU KNOW YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE A KID TURN INTO A DAHLIA HAWTHORNE! Anyways, I wonder what that means for the CMC, After all, they are taking the same classes as DT, But then again, DT got her's for her Cutie Mark. SO age may not play in this. But I would like it if the CMC were teens around my age Not for any creepy reason, though. I am gay after all.
  12. Whatever. You want to go through the energy and time to whine and debate about it, go ahead. Just let me focus my time and energy on the stuff I want to spend it on.