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  1. Yes, I do believe in hypnosis. I have tested it several times, and it has worked before, even on myself. But its altered alot of things, mainly sexuality and mood. But overall, interesting concept.
  2. Honestly, I'd like to see another Rainbow Dash and Applejack episode soon, because those two also seem like a good couple.
  3. The only two things I am afraid about is I ALWAYS think people will not accept me for who I am, ever since I started being a brony. Being rejected by someone you love alot, even worse if you've done great favors for them, to win their affection. Being manipulated by women, just so I can have my feelings hurt. Stress...I hate it.
  4. Being a Vinyl Scratch and Octavia fan, does anybody have a suggestion as to what shirts or figurines I could get? I can't seem to find any good ones, and I currently only have $60.
  5. I really do want children, because you gotta remember: we humans do not last as long. The only downside though, is kids cost ALOT of money to take care of because of food, clothes, and such.
  6. While we are still on the topic of MLP merchandise here, does anybody have any links to any good Vinyl T-shirts I can get? Or perhaps even Octavia?
  7. Since I haven't responded to this thread for a bit, I decided to get this beauty. I should be getting it in 6-10 days according to the website.
  8. Being a Vinyl and Octavia fan, I absolutely love "The Things we do for Wub" Desktop wallpaper. For some reason the full image on my actual desktop kept getting corrupted when I tried saving the file.
  9. Just as the title indicates, does anybody out here wear any MLP Clothing in public?
  10. 1. Wake up. 2. Hop into the shower, a cold one. 3. Eat cereal (or any other kind of breakfast.) 4. Brush teeth. 5. Put on deodorant. 6. Put on clothes. 7. Put on sweater (jacket if its winter or chilly outside.) 8. Pick up coffee (if I know I'm gonna be out for a while.) 9. Go to school/work.
  11. I feel ya there mate...everyone around where I live seems to be getting sick, and I feel I'm the only healthy one left.
  12. Returning to this Mega Thread again, I've been happy recently, mainly because my newest MLP sweater just came in from the mail, and that I am making new friends that can accept who I am, even if I am a brony.
  13. I have seen used condoms on the bathroom floor at school, and someone must be a brony because I saw a Princess Luna graffiti (or however you spell that) on the bathroom wall. Also, sometimes, you'd find porno magazines in the bathroom trash cans, or you can find a few ripped out pages of the stuff. Its just so weird...
  14. Being a fan of Vinyl and Octavia (both tied for #1 on my top 10 best MLP characters), my heart just shredded into pieces after seeing this:
  15. Depressed right now, ever since I was asked that I was a brony (in person at school), my friends left me.