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  1. Begin to wonder why I only make chimpanzee noises since humans never evolved from them. If it just relates to how speech is interpreted, I'd wonder how they wouldn't recognize it's a language I'm speaking and not random, meaningless noises. Then I would wonder how they could communicate with dragons who shouldn't make horse noises as well, but dragon noises. I'd further wonder how they could create an entire language on a very limited amount of equine noises, and now efficient that even was.
  2. You can't fight the Homestuck! Though it's weird and random it's the greatest fandom!~

    1. Yufery


      You can't fight the Homestuck! Though it's quite outrageous, it's so contagious!

  3. I'll go with the minority opinion and say reformation. Thus far, I think all reformations are done well (yes, even Luna's, though I won't turn this thread into an off-topic tangent as to why), and wouldn't mind seeing more. After all, it fits with the show's theme nicely. However, I do agree that some villains may be better off imprisoned, such as Tirek. But, nonetheless, I do think reformation is the best option of them all. I would even go as far as to say I would like to see (though wouldn't be disappointed if they weren't) villains such as Chrysalis or Flim & Flam reformed.
  4. Just saw the S6 finale... I've never been on such an emotional ride when viewing any piece of media. Ever.

  5. I'll go in with an unpopular opinion here and say that, in my eyes, S6 in the best yet. I feel that the writing quality is at it's peak with this season, bringing in some really well done episodes. I honestly don't understand most people's criticisms towards the season. The only one I can sort of understand is the expectation of a season-long arc, but that isn't a flaw on the show at all. That's just people letting their expectations get the best of them. We've seen this one too many times, especially in the video game and movie industries. As for the others ones, like say Starlight having little done with her (even though a good chunk of the first half was dedicated to her?), and the little being done with CMC's cutie marks, (again, we've seen some first half? not gonna get every episode dealing with an overarching plot here) I can't really understand them, as I said before. To me, it mostly just seems like the aforementioned 'hype culture,' or a bit of bandwagoning. I've noticed the same few opinions on S6, or rather just thoughts on various episodes of the show, repeated multiple times throughout the MLP community, and well I don't doubt a large sum of people agree with these thoughts, it wouldn't come as a surprise to me to know that at least some of these people are bandwagoning on the thoughts of others. Also, it seems like most folk tend to prefer adventure episodes to slice of life. While I'm the same way, I wouldn't exactly let this get in the way of my thoughts on the general quality of the season, which some people seem to be doing. tl;dr: Hype culture, bandwagoning, and personal preference.
  6. I really liked the new episode, honestly it was a lot of good fun. Also liked the commentary about 'easy jokes' that a lot of modern cartoons tend to use. Also, to people saying 'whatever happened to not pranking Fluttershy,' then how dare Rainbow Dash not remember something that was said to her once during an eventful day, presumably years ago.

    1. Trixie Heartstrings

      Trixie Heartstrings

      For some reason, what I thought was that Rainbow Dash thinking, "Fluttershy has known about my pranking long enough that she should be fine with it". I also remember Lauren Faust tweeting that Rainbow Dash was originally going to be a serial prankster. So the writers probably decided they could do something with that for an episode.

    2. Yufery


      Yeah, she probably was thinking something along the lines of that. As for the serial prankster thing, it's good to see the writers have picked up on that character trait of her's, considering that it's been lying dormant since Season 1.

  7. Haha, honestly, fair enough, you're right there. Though as I said, I hadn't meant to imply that, so I do honestly apologize that I came off that way. Well, I'm glad to see that the debate, or at least that specific portion of it, ended well, then! (Though I'm not sure if it's over yet so I'd rather not give closure by chance it isn't )
  8. You treated it as if I flat out said it. But, granted, since I admitted I didn't mean to come across that way, it doesn't really matter overall. That's exactly what I said, at least in meaning; you just worded it differently. But, again, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of the debate. Anyway, as I said in my previous point, this wasn't what I was trying to get across. I was saying that the way Trixie handled Snips & Snails helps show she's just an egotistical pony, given that she continued to refer to herself rather highly. You completely misunderstood the point I was trying to get across there. The reason I brought that point up is because Trixie flat out SAID that she only lied about the Ursa Major to make herself look better. I never said that it was bad that she lied.
  9. Just because a wacky character has down to earth moments doesn't mean that when they're wacky they're 'playing a character.' For instance, Pinkie Pie has had several down to earth moments throughout the series even though she's incredibly hyperactive. Trixie is the same during the more serious bits of her episode. I can see your point here, however I'd still continue to argue that the introduction is the most important part, at least among them. Though, even after that, I'd say the episode's pacing could suffer if they spent longer dwelling on Trixie's boasting. Granted, if done right, it couldn't have hurt, but as the episode stands now, I personally would say that it's fine. I've already listed the proof beforehand in this thread. To summarize, however, it's an inference I made using Trixie's actions throughout the episode, and I came to the conclusion that she's just doing it to boast. I went into way more detail when I listed it beforehand. I never said she didn't have that right; I said she should expect it. I'm sure she doesn't want to be bothered by fans at every moment of the day, but if she's going to do something that could build herself a fanbase, she should expect it. Though, I do apologize if you got that from what I said, since I hadn't meant to draw you to that. In regards to your Weird Al point and the following one, and I do mean this in the nicest way possible, but did you read the point I made about her being a show performer to fuel her ego? From these arguments, it seems like you skimmed over it and just looked for anything that you could counter, even though you're countering points I never made? For instance, for your Weird Al point, you made it seem like I made a claim that show performers are egotistical for not wanting fans with them out in public all the time, even though I never once said that. The same applies to your point about Trixie lying. I never once said that it was bad that Trixie lied, nor did I imply it. It seems to me like you're just looking for something you could argue against. I could be wrong, and chances are I am, since you have been bringing up some good arguments, however in regards to those two they do fall flat in regards to this discussion. As I said prior, Trixie isn't the greatest. She may have some degree of skill, yes, however she isn't the greatest like she claims. She still never lived up to the expectations she set for herself, even if she showed off some talent by besting the M3. As for the second point in that final sentence, I addressed it prior.
  10. Okay, I'll give you that much, I could see a couple lines being tossed around that way, but even then they still could do that now regardless of their schedule. They could just say, use it to hype up their next trick. They really don't have any reason to get into a full on argument/conflict with their audience like Trixie did. She isn't playing a character; if she is, then she never stops. This is supported how in Magic Duel (S3) and No Second Prances (S6) she continuously refers to herself in the third person and as The Great and Powerful Trixie. Perhaps later on it dies down as she develops as a character (and how she wasn't even herself during most of Magic Duel), but the point still stands that this is just how she acts as a pony. She still hyped herself up to be the greatest and most magical unicorn there is. It's not even just an act; she genuinely gave off that impression when she was offstage. She didn't live up to the expectations. Yes, she did perform some decent magic while facing off against the M3, but beforehand there wasn't anything to go off of to show that she was talented. And while maybe they did start complaining at the start, she still didn't really start off with anything impressive, rather just with gloating. If she was just a show performer, perhaps it'd be different, but she just did the whole show to fuel her ego. I personally, quite frankly, could see how the M3+Spike would be annoyed at her at the start, and especially gain it later on. Plus, she interrupted her own show when she addressed their criticisms. So while they may have started to complain early on, I could see how given that she was gloating from the start while not doing any sort of impressive spell as an introduction, save for flashy fireworks. Not to mention how she paused her own show. She does have that right, but you miss my point entirely. I didn't bring that up to debate if she has a right to be pestered, I brought it up to support how she's just a show performer to fuel her own ego. Your point implied that I made the claim it's bad that show performers lie. What I exactly said was, "What further supports this is when she later admits to making up the story about the Ursa Major, and how it was just for show." I never debated the morality of the lying (which I don't think it's too big of a deal for show performers to fib here and there. As stated prior, constant gloating with only sub-par results (as Trixie did before the challenge) can be annoying, but if they just make up a lie to fuel the hype while they perform interesting tricks, I don't see it as a big deal), rather I just brought up the argument to support my argument (did I mention argument?) that she was just fueling her own ego.
  11. In that point, I didn't even refer to magicians. I just said show performers as a general standpoint. Plus, you're saying Trixie is able to while they can't, due to their more scheduled approach to a show. You then continue to say that if they could, they would. But why would they? For comedians I understand, as their main focus is comedy, and generally it doesn't matter where it comes from, but why would magicians? They wouldn't have anything to prove, since most folk don't know how to perform the illusions they do, and I don't think they could make any good jokes. Perhaps there are some that could, but I can't imagine most are all amazing jokesters. I actually addressed this point in the original video. What I said was roughly that, in Trixie's case, it was how she acted all throughout, even when she wasn't on stage. This is even further supported by her later episodes. Even besides that, it could be seen as fairly agitating, especially when they don't provide any good performances to live up to their hype. You could say Trixie did when she challenged the M3 to showcase their abilities, however this wasn't the root of their arguments. You could argue she debunked the complaints that she doesn't have talented magic, but this is countered when she tried her hand at defeating the Ursa Minor. If she built up the hype for herself, she should expect it. If she doesn't want to be bothered, she could just head into her house, or anywhere that isn't out in the open. Plus, the way she handled the fans is really what sets the argument, as she refers to herself in a high manner when dealing with them, supporting my point. You misunderstand why I mentioned that. It's not because I said performers lying is a bad thing, it's because I used it to further validate how she was only doing the whole thing to boost her ego.
  12. Ah, my apologies, I must've read it wrong then, since you were just stating how Trixie just has the ability to perform magic more easily while magicians don't have it. Oh well She looks unprofessional because she broke from her performance routine to have challenges and conflicts with the audience. The majority of show performers, at least ones that aren't comedians but showcase a talent, would likely just shrug off the complaints, especially if it's only from a small portion of the crowd. Trixie chooses to call them out and let the following events ensue, making her look even worse than she did beforehand. Well, while it was never directly stated, I'd say it's fair to make that inference. Throughout the episode, she continuously boasted about her talent, even when she wasn't on stage. She seemed disinterested in fans like Snips & Snails, which further leads me to that conclusion. If she were doing it to entertain them, she would've probably had a bit of fun with them. You could argue that she's a performer, and that she likely was just exhausted, however bare in mind it's not as if she's famous across Equestria, and how she was out in the open as well. It's not like they came banging on her door in her personal time. What further supports this is when she later admits to making up the story about the Ursa Major, and how it was just for show. If you put all of these together, then I'd say it's safe to assume she's doing this for her own ego.
  13. That's how I interpreted your argument. If you meant something different, then please do elaborate on it. I can understand that point of providing better content with challenging the M3, and while I do agree with it being more interesting, it still makes her look rather unprofessional and just bad overall since she could've easily avoided getting into a conflict with them, as I stated prior. (This is relevent : http://i.imgur.com/EQRdrnr.jpg) Haha, but in all seriousness, no doubt she was definitely doing both, though the latter of which seemed more unintentional to me. To be fair, she never had the idea of entertainment be in her mind to begin with. If she was making money off of this, I could understand, but it's a free show that anypony could just walk up to and see. She just did the whole thing with the idea of bragging and boosting her ego in mind. This is evident throughout the episode.
  14. I should point out that in the first portion of the debate, we seen to have gone astray from the original topic. But anyway, going back to what it was originally about, you're saying that she is justified in going away from her performance because she has the ability to? I suppose I could see how you would interpret it as that, however what I'm trying to get across is that, even though the outcome was good, Trixie isn't exactly in the good here since she broke away from her performance. As you stated in another point following, she may have changed it, but she changed it just so she could argue with and challenge the abilities of others to boost her own ego. No matter what way you look at it, her motives in all this were just to make herself look better. The protagonists were just annoyed at this and expressed it in various ways among themselves. Trixie addressed this which caused the eventual conflict of the episode to unfurl. If she had focused on providing a more quality performance from the start and refrained from boasting, it would have turned out good, but since she only did the show for the sake of her ego, the events unfolded. My point is, is that she focused on a small portion of the audience to fight with instead of focusing on just entertaining the rest. She just wanted to prove herself to be better than others, in the end. It's where this all boils down to, after all.