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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy 4th of July!!! ^_^

  3. Hmm... that's kinda a hard question... if she were to become a princess, would she be the wielder of what? Hard to tell, the Empire or maybe the heart? Welp, I'm probably more interested in the cutie mark <33
  4. I'm back!!! <33

    1. Alpharius


      Welcome back

  5. Her name is Minuette,but many fans call her Colgate because her mane looks like the Colgate toothpaste.
  6. I used to love Celestia. But then as the seasons and episodes progressed, I started to find out (when I first started watching mlp) that Luna had a dark-side, which made me immediately like Luna better not that she has another form but she's trusting and brave in a way. And Luna doesn't have that type of super clamp voice that Tia has ;-;
  7. I just posted a few posts/replies on the forums. I've completed all my to-do's and now I'm so bored.

  8. Due to offensive comments/replies, I no longer want to say what I want to say. Look, it was MY perspective that Twilight seemed a little pointless, I did not ask for proof. All I asked was that if anyone would agree with me. I feel offended because of some replies that really just Said 'No' to me.
  9. I think the first movie is still kinda better than Rainbow Rocks. There was too much singing!
  10. I watched Furious 7 for the second time...

    1. Cakey


      i liked the song~

  11. I know right! I expected Cadance to be like Celestia, but instead, she has a weird 'Mistress' sound.
  12. She could possibly turn into Midnight Sparkle, but other than that, I think that she becomes and switches with the normal Twilight or so.
  13. I believe they will will premier it on TV, on something like Hub Network.