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  1. Can Someone Make A signature for me? I tried it didn't work

  2. Does anyone know how do make a signature?

    1. Fhaolan


      Yup. Up in the corner where your name is, click on the down arrow. Go to My Settings. The fifth item down should be Signature. Futz around in there, and you should be able to do a basic siggie. If you need a graphical one, I recommend wandering around in the Request Guild and see if anyone's doing sig images at the moment.

  3. Does Anyone know how to make a signature? (btw i'm still a noob)

  4. How do i make a signature? (btw i kindive new at this website so yeah)

    1. Emerald Mask

      Emerald Mask

      I did not expect that but I liked that Vulon, thanks for reminding me what my favorite operating system's startup sounds like.

    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      I have more nostalgia for WinXP though.

    3. Emerald Mask

      Emerald Mask

      Oh Windows XP I used to have a computer with winXp.

  5. I wonder if my old Character Styles is still in the database?

  6. I'm Back don't ask why i've been gone OK!? ok

  7. Does anypony here have a steam acount?

  8. Just put a new character in the roleplay database

    1. Lunar Echo
    2. Emerald Mask

      Emerald Mask

      yeah his name is styles he's an alicorn

    3. Emerald Mask

      Emerald Mask

      yeah, his name is styles he's an alicorn

  9. hey it's rocker here sayin that everypony can use this art work or character so here they are! and there you go some artwork and characters u can use btw: on the rockman one the m looks like a w it's supposed to be a m just though i'd tell you that.
  10. gettin a nintendo sixty four tommorw!