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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Princess Book Horse

    Season 7 DVD FINALLY relasing this October!

    It’s pretty ridiculous that EG had Blu-ray releases but not the actual series. Exactly! I use the term “Mane Seven” all the time now! Especially with S8 so far.
  3. Princess Book Horse

    Season 7 DVD FINALLY relasing this October!

    After months of waiting and nothing but 5 episode theme dvd’s, Shout Factory will at last be releasing S7 on dvd October 9th. Unfortunately, It looks like they will be using a similar design to the S6 dvd cover and Starlight will be snubbed once again. On the bright side, at least we will be able to add the Season Seven episodes to our collection just in time for Season Eight to end.
  4. Princess Book Horse

    Does it bother anyone else that no toys exists for a lot of ponies?

    I’m constantly depressed over the serious lack of Starlight merch.
  5. Princess Book Horse

    The Worst Season Of The Entire Series?

    Season 1 (don’t sue me.) The first Season isn’t bad, it’s just that everything that came after the first 2 Seasons is easily superior IMO. Seasons 5 and 7 are my favorites.
  6. Stygian is kind of a mix between Spike and Starlight, She’s just a much a member of the group as Spike is. I honestly don’t think that’s the case. The Starlight hating community is way too small and insignificant to make the writers want to lessen her role.
  7. Princess Book Horse

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  8. If that were true, then Spike wouldn’t have a throne. I think it’s more along the lines of the thrones belonging to the Princess of friendship and her closest friends, and since she’s been recognized by the map more than anypony aside from the Mane 6, I don’t she why she shouldn’t get a throne. Also, the idea of her going off on her own is pretty much dead at this point, she finished her training a season and a half ago and she’s still here. Starlight’s destiny seems to be with Twilight and her friends as a low key Mane 7th.
  9. Princess Book Horse

    Does Starlight Glimmer have more character than Sunset Shimmer?

    Starlight has had a ton of growth lately. Her only real major screw up post-S6 was in “To Change a Changeling.” I also feel like she was a better villain than Sunset and she had a better reformation.
  10. Yes, absolutely. Also, I disagree that she should get a small one attached to Twilight’s throne, she deserves a normal sized one with her cutie mark on it.
  11. Princess Book Horse

    Hopes for Season 8.

    - Starlight interacting with the Mane 6 more (maybe getting her own throne and/or element?) - Checking in on Griffonstone - CMC episode outside of Ponyville - DIAMOND TIARA IN ANY ROLE OTHER THAN A NON-SPEAKING ONE (seriously!) - Fillydelphia, Baltimare, Vanhoover or Trottingham shown for the first time. -New villain. - Sunset Shimmer appearance. - Scootaloo's family. - Spike, Discord or Zecora's origins.
  12. Princess Book Horse

    Who is the best supporting character?

    I would say Starlight, but I consider her to be a main character at this point. Spike too. So probably the princesses.
  13. Princess Book Horse

    Spoiler Mlp timeline

    But The Pillars didn't know Discord and Starswirl was present in Tirek's flashback.
  14. The movie was fantastic, I've already seen it twice! Nothing TOO groundbreaking, but amazing nonetheless. It's even better if you watch it in theaters.