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  1. Happy Birthday, Book Horse! 🎁 

  2. It’s pretty ridiculous that EG had Blu-ray releases but not the actual series. Exactly! I use the term “Mane Seven” all the time now! Especially with S8 so far.
  3. After months of waiting and nothing but 5 episode theme dvd’s, Shout Factory will at last be releasing S7 on dvd October 9th. Unfortunately, It looks like they will be using a similar design to the S6 dvd cover and Starlight will be snubbed once again. On the bright side, at least we will be able to add the Season Seven episodes to our collection just in time for Season Eight to end. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/07/season-7-dvd-now-listed-on-amazon.html
  4. I’m constantly depressed over the serious lack of Starlight merch.
  5. Season 1 (don’t sue me.) The first Season isn’t bad, it’s just that everything that came after the first 2 Seasons is easily superior IMO. Seasons 5 and 7 are my favorites.
  6. Starlight has had a ton of growth lately. Her only real major screw up post-S6 was in “To Change a Changeling.” I also feel like she was a better villain than Sunset and she had a better reformation.
  7. - Starlight interacting with the Mane 6 more (maybe getting her own throne and/or element?) - Checking in on Griffonstone - CMC episode outside of Ponyville - DIAMOND TIARA IN ANY ROLE OTHER THAN A NON-SPEAKING ONE (seriously!) - Fillydelphia, Baltimare, Vanhoover or Trottingham shown for the first time. -New villain. - Sunset Shimmer appearance. - Scootaloo's family. - Spike, Discord or Zecora's origins.
  8. I would say Starlight, but I consider her to be a main character at this point. Spike too. So probably the princesses.
  9. But The Pillars didn't know Discord and Starswirl was present in Tirek's flashback.
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