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  1. It’s pretty ridiculous that EG had Blu-ray releases but not the actual series. Exactly! I use the term “Mane Seven” all the time now! Especially with S8 so far.
  2. After months of waiting and nothing but 5 episode theme dvd’s, Shout Factory will at last be releasing S7 on dvd October 9th. Unfortunately, It looks like they will be using a similar design to the S6 dvd cover and Starlight will be snubbed once again. On the bright side, at least we will be able to add the Season Seven episodes to our collection just in time for Season Eight to end.
  3. I’m constantly depressed over the serious lack of Starlight merch.
  4. Season 1 (don’t sue me.) The first Season isn’t bad, it’s just that everything that came after the first 2 Seasons is easily superior IMO. Seasons 5 and 7 are my favorites.
  5. Starlight has had a ton of growth lately. Her only real major screw up post-S6 was in “To Change a Changeling.” I also feel like she was a better villain than Sunset and she had a better reformation.
  6. - Starlight interacting with the Mane 6 more (maybe getting her own throne and/or element?) - Checking in on Griffonstone - CMC episode outside of Ponyville - DIAMOND TIARA IN ANY ROLE OTHER THAN A NON-SPEAKING ONE (seriously!) - Fillydelphia, Baltimare, Vanhoover or Trottingham shown for the first time. -New villain. - Sunset Shimmer appearance. - Scootaloo's family. - Spike, Discord or Zecora's origins.
  7. I would say Starlight, but I consider her to be a main character at this point. Spike too. So probably the princesses.
  8. But The Pillars didn't know Discord and Starswirl was present in Tirek's flashback.
  9. The movie was fantastic, I've already seen it twice! Nothing TOO groundbreaking, but amazing nonetheless. It's even better if you watch it in theaters.
  10. That finale was a rush of amazingness, I've already seen it 4 times. Can't wait to watch all 26 episodes of Season 8 next week when they leak in Zimbabwe.
  11. 420889 I can't believe this has been going on for 4 years!
  12. Good thing they waited until the S8 premiere to bring her back instead of doing it in the S7 finale and having it feel like it's too soon. Also, please don't let this be another "Starlight saves the Mane 6" plot. As much as I love Starlight, I would rather see her work WITH the Mane 6 to defeat a villain. Plus, if they keep having the Mane 6 get kidnapped offscreen and be damsels in distress, they won't feel like main characters anymore.
  13. I think when Trixie said that she was talking about that episode specifically because Starlight bottled up her anger and was acting like nothing was wrong. Also, I feel like a lot of what you said mainly applies to Season 6, where as in Season 7, they fixed Starlight and made her more interesting. I still wish they would stop putting her in a class of her own and start having her work WITH the Mane 6 more.
  14. It makes no sense at all when people say that Starlight Glimmer is a bland or flat character who lacks distinct traits. Whether you hate Starlight or love her, that is definitely far from the truth. I can live with people saying that she's a flawed character, but a bland character? That's an extremely silly thing to say. Watch any of her episodes and you can clearly see that she has her own personality traits and interests that are different from the main six.
  15. Starlight Glimmer is the best thing to happen to the show in the past 2 years.

  16. Holy crap! What could've prompted Thorax to transform into bear and attack Ember? Do Dragons and Changelings have some sort of past issues we don't know about? Also, more Starlight? Awesome! One of my hopes for Season 7 was for Starlight to appear in more episodes than Season 6. If you add this episode and a certain other upcoming episode, that makes 8 appearances for her in S7. Only 2 more for it to match S6 and we don't even know about the finale yet.
  17. Sort of interesting, but I think it's more likely that said pony would practice magic and brainwash the village like Starlight used to. Maybe Twilight and Starlight would then get called by the map to stop him/her.
  18. "Twilight Sparkle was better before she had wings!" You know that was a line leftover from Larson's original script.
  19. I feel like it would be good for both her fans and her haters if they made her fit in with the rest of the main cast more. As of right now, she either overshadows the Mane Six or she's completely forgotten about. The song at the end of the S5 finale made me excited for all the of the story possibilities they could have between her and the Mane Six, but so far, it's been disappointing. (Even though I like her episodes.)
  20. The only part of Mare do Well that brought me joy was Rainbow forcefully walking Granny Smith across the street, only to get whacked in the face with her purse as Granny proclaims "I DIDN'T WANT TO CROSS THE STREET IN THE FIRST PLACE!"
  21. I agree. Like, I always say, if the writers give us stories about Starlight interacting and working WITH the Mane 6, her character will become much better as a result.
  22. Or Meghan. I know. Wishful thinking. This isn't too big of an issue for me. I like Haber as a writer and even though I had some issues with him as a story editor, It was only his first season as the SE and I trust his second will be better. (Meghan wasn't that good in S3 after all.) Plus, it seems like he won't be the only editor this time around.