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  1. Any of you guys here have really annoying, bothersome siblings that won't leave you alone??? Well here's someone to relate too.
  2. The moment you realize that bubbles are more precious than you

  3. After watching the opening, I am starting to ship Starlight and Sunburst pretty hard. Any one else with me?
  4. Neon Bubblez

    Hi I'm new here ^_^

    Hi there! If you ever need a friend just PM me!
  5. Neon Bubblez

    The Banner...

    After I posted this topic, I looked around on the forums and found out about the Childrens Hospital thing. I think that it is good that mlpforums is doing this and I think the should continue helping the little ones. I'm sorry for my confusion. Continue making this winter merrier for the sick children. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Neon Bubblez
  6. Neon Bubblez

    The Banner...

    I know the banners aren't up for to long but you should keep in mind that part of the brony community also dosen't celebrate christmas. I know the banner will be changed sooner or later so it dosen't bother me. but it may bother other ponies. So with all respects I am suggesting to have just a winter banner not one that is religion. But its alright leave it up.... so what. It wont kill me if you leave it up. This is just feedback Thanks for taking the time to read this. Neon Bubblez
  7. Neon Bubblez

    Which Pony Race Would Obama Be?

    Alicorn? ... earth pony!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neon Bubblez
  8. Neon Bubblez

    What Do You Think Luna's Favorite Food Is?

    CAKE!!!!!!!!!!! SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blueberries. yum
  9. Mine was the Parisprite episode and then the cutie pox. I was on an airplane a few years ago and it was one of the only free tv episodes you could watch.......
  10. Hi I am Neon Bubblez. I wanted to put a link to my YouTube channel on my profile. My channel is I entered the url and it didn't work. Then i put the part after /channel/. It din't work. I've tried lots of ways.... so help! Is it me or a problem with the site! let me know! Thanks, Neon Bubblez
  11. Neon Bubblez

    Request Shop Mlp drawing requests (closed)

    Hi! I love your style! I already have drawn my OC, and my pff's have drawn some for me. You don't have to ,but if you have time on your hooves do you mind drawing my OC. I'd love a speed paint. I have a Speed paint of my oc on my channel, and my oc is featured in a lot of vids. Thanks
  12. We're all blank flanks now!!

  13. OMG that new episode! The CMC... cutiemarks... Someone grab me a a bucket of water!

  14. Neon Bubblez

    Request Very Busy, Can you Help?

    Its up, sorry so late, I made lots of other videos too! Please check them all out. I was VERY sick in the video so my voice sounds weird, so sorry about that. Also I tied to make expressions for my OC, but my art style is different from yours. I have LOTS of more vids on my comp and just need to be edited! Please watch the whole video, Thanks, Neon Bubblez