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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. i have gone 3x and it gets better every year. I enjoy playing in the after hour table game rooms or making friends and having drinks / games in the bar area. Im a vendor so i am usually there a day early on Thursday.
  3. I am so excited! We are looking forward to returning to BABScon for the 4th year in a row. We were vendors the last 2 years and are looking forward to a 3rd year!
  4. I am so ready to jump on the hype train. I love BABScon and cant wait to return for a 4th year!
  5. Went to BABSCon over the weekend. Finally got my favorite art print autographed by Princess Luna herself, Tabitha St Germain. I put it in a custom made frame.
  6. does anyone know what floor the part rooms are located on?
  7. I am the same way, always like to plan ahead. My crew will be at the hotel early setting up our vendors booth and relaxing on Thursday.
  8. I always find that playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of strangers is the best way to play!!! I was only able to play last year on Saturday night, the friday tables were all full. It was so much fun I will definitely be playing again. I love making new friends so if anyone sees me, feel free to say hi! At game night I will most likely be carrying a Luna Guard Plush just like I did last year.
  9. I am so ready to go! Ill be attending as a vendor! Find me at Table A-1 with The Fizzy Filly! Will most likely be in Trixies Table Games after hours, anypony down for some Cards against Humanity or Munchkin?
  10. will it be songs from the show/ movies or can it be any kind of songs?
  11. i had a lot of fun at the After Hour game night in Trixies Game room. My crew loves to play Cards Against Humanity. We also play Munchkin. It was awesome seeing people play those games. I hope to be able to play several different games this time.
  12. My OC would kick my a$$, and then probably take my wallet while i was knocked da F&%# out! LOL JK
  13. Looking forward to BABSCon 2017!!!