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  1. I'd keep revisiting, same with all my computer games and Star Trek episodes. A nice comfy world to visit.
  2. The best message is that the whole thing is irrelevant. Plus, all talk of LGBT and "agendas" etc implies that it would be an issue to depict - as if a same-sex romance would be wrong for children to see in a cartoon. Why exactly? As for Rainbow Dash, she's a tomboy and the rest is undetermined. It's the fans that have corrupted everything and demand that every character is potentially shipping every other - which is essentially complete emotional projection. In my search for decent MLP concept art, you have to wade through the endless same-sex shipping pictures and Rainbow Dash gets a truckload of it. I wouldn't have an issue either way if the writers wanted to expand and make a storyline out of it. The irritating thing would be the battle-cry from fans who would demand RD is straight because it's a personal issue for them.
  3. Twilight and Sweetie Belle look so adorable in that height chart.
  4. The most interesting scale observation is that their eyes are larger than your entire hand span.
  5. Fluttershy on her quest for self-confidence. Also feel sympathy for Apple Bloom who's concerned about where she fits in and her future path / cutie-mark.
  6. Applejack: "Apple Bloom, now y'us maht be wondrin bout your ma....truth is, ah'm your sis AND your ma, that's how it goes in apple country" Scootaloo: "Wow those ponies look real small from up here" Twilight: "Look Celestia I'll level with you, I can't even read!" Rarity: "I love you Spike!"
  7. I hate any attempt to make the characters 'humanised', and Equestria Girls is not canon. Popular to some, unpopular to others.
  8. It has depth, it's funny, the characters are interesting, and great fun to watch. Plus as a 29 year old male, I realised that worrying about whether something is sufficiently 'grown up' to watch just sucks all the fun out of life, which I swear society tries to do. This show makes me laugh. Plus, it has such a creative and tolerant community which is awesome.
  9. I hate how school tried to teach me there was only one kind of Everyone is told to be a "Twilight Sparkle" and absorb factual information that others have written. Not to criticise Twilight's character, but her friends show more dynamism, creativity, intuition and improvisational thinking. Pinkie Pie is not unintelligent. Ironically she is probably the sharpest of all of them. Twilight is more of a mediator and likes rules. It's a shame though that schoolteachers (having made a career out of recycling old knowledge) always pull the chair out for the bookworms, and the shy, hyperactive or athletic ones are perceived as having less value even though they likely have the entrepreneurial flare to succeed.
  10. Pinkie Pie can teleport, but chooses not to tell anyone in order to maintain her grand standing as the ultimate surprise party planner. That's why nobody can ever escape her when she needs something, be it wanting an explanation or to apologise for something. Even Rainbow Dash who practically breaks the sound barrier and soars over rough terrain can't escape. That's my theory anyway. Deffo, I swear Pinkie Pie is way smarter than people think. The reason she's hyperactive is because her brain constantly does overtime, and she only looks silly because she over-thinks things.
  11. It constantly changes depending on the episodes I'm watching. Probably Fluttershy or the Cutie-Mark Crusaders. Rarity I find the funniest. Pinkie Pie can be endearing.
  12. I loved this episode. I swear some people over-analyse these episodes so much they give themselves high blood pressure, then release it online. I have only one thing to say to such people.... 99 BUCKETS OF OATS ON THE WALL!!!!, 99 BUCKETS OF OATS!!!
  13. Depends if she outgrows her love of status and wealth, through shared experiences with her friends and the wisdom that comes with it.