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  1. Yes as long as it is a creature from the MLP universe and meets the class requirements. Servants have a ot of leeway because Berserker was literally the demigod Hercules. The only thing I won't approve are non cannon mlp creatures and humans.
  2. it's fine it was about 11:00 for me when I wrote the last part so I'll make my own bio today.
  3. (I've been watching the remade series on netflix and it is actually quiet good without all the miss translations) Long Ago there where two forces. One of light and one of darkness. These forces are what made the foundation of Equestria the darkness creating the vast hills and valleys, the rivers and streams, the great oceans, even the night time sky was created by the darkness. After this was created the Light created the living creates wether it by the average unicorn or the common squill it was created by the light which then created the sun and the morning sky. Though in this age there was no law so many of the creatures did whatever pleased them and many creatures did do whatever they wanted. That was until Discord attacked the many creatures of Equestria and threatened to destroy it but, two ponies stronger than any other stood up against him and turned him to stone using the power of light. Though the victory didn't come without a price. The two forces separated and became Chaos and Harmony and a war between them had only just begun. So to prepare for the war a tree named the Tree of Harmony was planted and with it's power 6 individuals we're able to fend off the Chaos and usher in an age of Peace. Many years have passed sense then and the tree of harmony has begun to wilt. Once it dies it will leave a seed that once planted is rumored to give the pony one wish but, getting it won't be easy, in fact a whole new war is about to take place, a holy war between 7 individuals. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I assume that if you clicked on this you know what Fate Stay Night is about but, if you don't here is a quick run down. Location This RP takes place in a city similar to where the original Fate Stay Night takes place just ponied. Though it isn't always in one spot, other locations like a castle in the forest will be in the RP as well as long as it is in the same general area of the anime. Da Rulez Servants will fall under the same classes as before (Rider is now Axe which is just a more offensive but, slower version of Saber.) so don't make up one like mechanist Masters can't e stronger than a Servant. This doesn't mean the have to be trash they just can't go around destroying other peoples servants Masters may use magic but, any race can be accepted When RPing refer to servants by their class like in the anime but, they will still be historical figures (made up for the MLP universe or real). You can play as a servant if you want as long as they are a pony as well (same goes to Masters making up their own servant) Both Master and Servant Require a Bio I will allow only one servant per class Servant's aren't unbeatable. Though I don't advice Servant deaths until late. Unless the master has come from a line of mages you won't know if they are one and even then it is hard to tell a mage from a regular person so don't have your characters assume that another pony is a mage right off the bat unless there is evidence laid out for them that they are part of the war. Any witnesses of the war will be killed so no non mage or servant characters or they may end up with a lance in there gut, Though I will allow side characters to be non mages as long as they don't find out or at the very least their death is quick. Classes The Classes are simple RPG Classes that pertain to what the Servant's story is. For example the Lancer class is given to swift spirits, Archer is given to Stealthy and accurate shooting spirits, assassin is given to swift and crafty spirits born to kill, Berserker is given to strong and very Brutal spirits, Caster is given to witches and trickster spirits (Star Swirl and Twilight would count as Casters but, Casters are usually evil so I say neigh), Axe (the one I added for this to replace Rider) Are varied but, are usually high in physical skill and Saber is given to knights with honor (generally Saber is king Arthur but, you can do whatever. ​Bios (EVERYPONY'S FAVORITE! .) Masters Name: Age: Gender: Current Servant:(Real name then "Class Name") Magic Ability: (What can they do to help their servant.) Description:(a Pic would be best) Personality:what is he or she like? Back story: What is their history Wish: I will accept a link to a character as long as Magic Ability, Wish and Current Servant are filled out on this thread. Servants Name: Class: Gender: Current Master: Weapon:(Casters can just say what type of magic they use) Description: Personality: Backstory: (What part did this Heroic Spirit play in history) Wish: Unless you have made a special OC for this one moment then I will not accept links as part of a bio. My Turn!
  4. @@Acnologia, Esal shrugged. "The Guild Master is a bit different that's for sure. He wears this mask and even though I'be been with the guild a while now I really don't know the full extent of his powers. In fact all I really know is that if you mess with him you're not going to have the best of times." Esal then added "but, at least from what I've heard from my parents is that he's nice."
  5. "gosh dang it" Esal sighed. "We are supposed to meet back at Pegasus to report the mission. Once that's done I kinda want to take a nap." Esal began to walk back to the train station "Hopefully we can take the first train back and then get home before too long.
  6. Esal put his sword away as the interrogation went on and when Blitz turned to him and asked the question Esal quickly answered saying "Yah. There was a string of disappearances in the area and we came to investigate it. At lest we were until you did all the work for us." Esal explained.
  7. It is but, you can't get to it, only see it from a telescope while everyone else can. I wish I could understand any programing language instantly.
  8. Esal using his approach from behind on the ladder he had snuck almost point blank from the strange mage and had his sword was drawn and aimed at the man that had attacked him. "Nah. You burnt that bridge the same time you shot at us." Esal said and a spell circle appeared in front of his sword. "In fact. I'm tempted to burn you right now buuuuut, it would be better if you're alive so we can find a bit more about you when we get to the guild hall."
  9. As the phoenix was summoned Esal opened the window into the room beyond. Apparently the building was an apartment. In side was a standard bedroom, with another door that went to what Esal assumed was a kitchen. If this was an apartment their had to be a fire escape. Esal made his way to the kitchen and looked out the window and lo and behold a fire escape. Esal opened up this window and climbed onto the fire escape. Luckily he was only one floor below the roof. so he walked up the last flight of stairs, then began to climb the ladder at the top. Hopefully the guy hadn't moved somewhere else or all this climbing would have been for nothing.
  10. Yah but, now when you throw boomerangs they go supersonic so that they also travel around the world and so you throw one and kill the person you love most in your life and 3 years later you yourself are killed by a boomerang. I wish I had a strong enough AE (Astro Empires) fleet to rule all of Equestria including Photon and Disruptor Weaponry strong enough to end anypony who opposes me.
  11. Tech Kids. It would be about my Middle School life were I did the most crazy sitcom worthy things like crash a rocket about a foot from his sky light or having the principle give an announcement to tell kids to stop ripping the wings off of butterflies because of a lie I told to some 2nd graders. I even had a tech rival, my brother who was my teammate, a friend who came up with all these crazy schemes and a crazy generally crazy friend plus crazy teachers who made me do everything from mummify chickens to scaring the wits out of me to learn suspense. same.
  12. Esal responded to the attack almost as fast as Silver and before the smoke and water vapor had cleared Esal had already sprung into the air using Silver's wall to help his accent but, Esal still wouldn't have enough momentum to get to the roof so he quickly pulled out his sword and fired a ball of flame in the direction of the attacker then landing in a window just below the rooftop. "Did you really think that would work on a member of Fairy Tail!?" Esal said sure he had at least caught the man above off guard if he wasn't already hit by the previous attack but, considering how strong the attackers magic was Esal assumed a half blind attack wouldn't have ended him. Esal put away his sword and attempted to climb up the building and attack the man head on. "Wolf! Use one of your spirits to cover me!" Esal shouted down to his new partner. Hopefully she had the right key to do it. Esal new that Summoning majic was both the most powerful and the weakest considering that their strength depended on how strong the spirit was rather then the user.
  13. They should have both a halberd as a main weapon and a sword as a side weapon because they halberd not only can skew their opponents but, it can slice as well and is just a bit more effective then a spear and a sword is lighter and can be a great weapon if the hailbred shatters, plus it kind of gives the guards a chance to choose their own fighting style if you give both. Was that a bit too long of an explanation?