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  1. Once again the show attempts to, in a single episode, abruptly introduce someone from a main character's past and force me to care about them, and once more it falls flat. Countess "Rara" (a transparent parody of Lady Gaga; I'm still not sure what her actual name is) has absolutely no personality or depth... there simply isn't enough time in one episode to develop a complex sympathetic character, shoehorned in as an old buddy of Applejack's and tied in the narrative to the equally-important bad guy, AND give a dignified viewer a reason to care. The episode's pacing and elegance are abysmal. The villain becomes obvious about 10% into the episode and of course has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, whereas Rara is an ingenue with no consequential character flaws, and no plot twists not seen from six miles away are found. There isn't even an obstacle or puzzle -- Rara instantly recognizes Applejack, hasn't lost any of her "nice girl" traits, and her initial anger at Applejack's pointing out how insultingly obviously her manager is abusing his position vanishes into complete cooperation the very next time they speak. The low point of the episode is thankfully early on. In order to make it clear who Rara is, she performs the world's shortest troll video: about thirty seconds of a Twilight-worthy technically-a-dance with Hard Gay stallions gyrating in spiked black leather, Autotune complete with digital stutter effect -- didn't we already do lipsync in Filli Vanilli?! -- and flipping the entire frame horizontally in time with the music like a Youtube poop. The episode's story builds in fake drama before suddenly crumbling apart with an abrupt stutter into a thoroughly mediocre piano number slash pony power anthem which suffers from the show's trademark godawful lyrics and the increasingly cringeworthy campiness begun in season 5. As is unnervingly common for this show, Rara suffers absolutely no consequences for blowing off a longtime manager, completely changing her theme and musical style, and generally alienating the majority of her fan base. Essentially, "Rara" is a Rarity clone -- even the name is similar -- but with none of her depth or charm. Just like the infamous couturier, Rara is on paper torn between success and generosity, but can still have her cake and eat it too without doing anything more than wanting it a lot. This show used to be far more self-aware than this farce. I wish Rara hadn't gotten lost on her way to Equestria Girls.
  2. Excuse me?! Season 5 is chock full of horrible advice and predatory logic: The Cutie Map: You only have special talents and defining personality traits when someone else allows you to, unless you overpower them with deceit and violence. Princess Spike: If an adult forces a massive responsibility onto you, a small child, and does nothing when you clearly can't handle it, it's your own damn fault for your inevitable failure. Amending Fences: It's your fault if an old friend you slighted or abandoned cuts off contact with every single person she knows just because she's mad at you, whom she never tried to contact despite your being publicly available at any waking hour. Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep?: You can easily escape all your overwhelming guilt by telling yourself you won't feel guilty anymore -- all of your "demons" will just poof out of existence. Canterlot Boutique: You can have your cake and eat it too if only you act entitled enough (every Rarity episode...) Crusaders of the Lost Mark: Young children dependent upon but abused by their families just need to talk back to their parents to be free of the cycle of abuse. What About Discord?: If someone intentionally goes behind your back to exclude you from your group of friends, spends an entire day getting all of them to rub it in your face, and tries yet again to kick you out when you're trying to catch up, it's your fault for getting jealous.
  3. Season 5 so far has been the second-weakest season for me. (Nothing will be quite as bad as season 3.)
  4. No. This can be proven very simply. Hasbro is a toy company. The show is there to sell toys to girls aged 4~7. If bronies were watching the show more than little girls, Hasbro would be making sweeping toy lines for bronies, in addition to or instead of for little girls. That hasn't happened, so bronies are obviously a minority.
  5. I kinda hope it turns out like Go! just to weed out people who take cartoon shows for children too seriously. In all seriousness, FiM is like any other fandom. With a new generation comes adjustments. Someone will hate it for changing too much. Someone will hate it for not changing enough. Thus some people will leave, but also, new people will show up. And there will always be loonies who think that everyone else in their chosen fandom is a carbon copy of their individual selves, presume that what they want out of the show is necessarily what everyone else wants / the best for the show in general, and get all flabbergasted every time they find that's simply not the case... I kind of hope Hasbro reboots the show with the same characters but some significant adjustments taken with the presentation level. It's undoubtedly going to remain a young children's show, but Hasbro and the writing team have learned valuable lessons about producing character-driven shows for children that hopefully make it a bit more consistent and stable than this incarnation has been.
  6. Absolutely not. I don't even know when it was other than that the newest episode at the time was Sonic Rainboom.
  7. I just posted that Rainbow Dash is herself a metaphorical rainbow-colored lightning bolt. I don't see how much clearer her mark can get
  8. The specific parts that go into a pre-built computer are premium brand parts. The manufacturers and retailers have a deal with specific big-name companies to push their product, which are overpriced because good marketing has made them the most in-demand brand. The problem is that premium brands and popular brands are not better brands, they're pricier products. This is why you think that building a PC isn't any cheaper; because you're looking for the same parts, i.e. the same grossly overpriced parts. When building a PC, cheaper parts are not worse parts. If you save so much as $10.00 per part then you've likely covered the shipping cost, and you're going to be saving far far more than that.
  9. This bothers me more than it should... Twilight actually cares very little about the health of her books. In several episodes we regularly see her just hurl them all over the place, frequently landing open, on the open side, on the ground, and generally taken poor care of. This is completely consistent with Twilight having OCD. People with OCD are very organized in specific aspects of their lives, but are frequently slobby in general.
  10. You should always build your PC if at all possible, but there are several obstacles to doing so that pressure "what's the any key???"-type users into buying overpriced systems. Basically, the "big name" computer part retailers will overprice their parts as sold separately to trick you into thinking buying pre-built is cheaper. Because your PC will most likely stop working outright after 5-10 years? It's a machine, it'll wear out.
  11. This wasn't an especially bad episode per se, but I found it very boring and extremely predictable. Fluttershy's animal book club was cute. Twilight & Fluttershy are the most uninteresting duo in the show -- they are the only pair of the six that have zero dynamic. They never argue, or conflict, or get in each other's way, or even make snide comments at each other; they both just kind of do their own thing, almost like they're ignoring one another. I hated watching their blandness back in the Philomena episode and I hated it here too. The Hooffields and McColts themselves were generally uninteresting characters (the McColt dwarf being the better of the two with a few funny line deliveries), and the various "plot twists" and jokes of their conflict were uncreative and very predictable. Twilight had no particular need to be present. Most of her friendship solution formulae thingies were absolutely no help, except for "look for the root of the problem", which was solved completely by serendipity anyway and likely would have been if she was not there since Fluttershy spent the entire conflict watching out for animals, who told her everything she needed to know. The only real contribution Twilight made was freezing the fight so Fluttershy could speak, but why couldn't Fluttershy have merely lost her temper at the abuse of the animals and commanded everyone to stop with her infamous powers? It would have been just as believable as the literally magic stop and be quiet spell. All in all, the episode may have been suitable for children who were somehow unfamiliar with the basic concept of "two idiots don't even remember why they're fighting and their skills perfectly complement one another so they learn to team up", but it was unfortunately not anything fresh or particularly entertaining for me, and it felt like Twilight was kind of forced into the story, since she was completely useless except for 30 seconds. They weren't naming the families after the specific Hatfield and McCoy family. They were naming them after the figure of speech that rose from that conflict, indicating any bitter feud between two groups.
  12. The first response is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. We as human beings have been mislead into categorizing everything into strict labels that enforce a consistency humans aren't made to maintain. The problem is that you're wondering "what your sexuality is". That implies you have to fit yourself into a consistent set of rules to match a pre-made sexuality. I'm not explaining this very well. To illustrate the problem, I'll dramatically simplify my interests and say that I'm interested in: Females of various races Males of various races but never human See, I as yet have never been attracted to a human male, but I like male furries and ponies. Even then, I don't like all females or all male furries and ponies either, because it depends on the individual, so depending on the circumstance, I would seemingly change whether I was a bisexual or not, potentially confusing everyone else and myself. To be ___sexual implies that you are attracted consistently to everyone and everything of a given gender, and let's be honest: nobody is like that. And that is why I don't bother with such labels, and neither should you. Too many stupid names to argue over what they mean and who's what. Never tell people what you are. Tell them who you are. Tell them what you do and what you like. It's much more honest and you won't encourage people to associate stereotypes with you based on the labels you would have been using.
  13. In the extended canon, Cadance was a little annie orphan pegasus who was abandoned in the forest and beat an evil mean witch, so Gandalfestia showed up and adopted her and poof alicorn.
  14. If Gen 5 changes anything, it'll weed out the whiners and leave people with taste and decency, so I'm totally fine with it.