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  1. It’s time for the Rooster to go for some brekkie.


    Take care all and much love.

  2. @Will Guide Wow, that’s a tough one. I would love to be able to do food reviews, do art and write fan fiction as a job. And fictional would be owning a zoo with all sorts of animals including dinosaurs. Thank you you for this question too, my friend.
  3. Thanks @Will Guide for your question. I like being anything that I’m feeling like being. I have so many favourite things to be, I really do.
  4. Hi, it’s your friendly neighbourhood rooster here. Fire away, if you’ve got any questions?
  5. Here's your cake, my friend. ^^

    Image result for layer cake

  6. Haven’t seen it, sadly. The Dark Knight.
  7. A lot of KISS songs have helped me through some really tough times.
  8. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL......... ......... WHAT THEROCKAROOSTER.......... IS COOKIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Welcome back, my friend. ^^

  10. It was always Maths for me, a real pain in the butt.
  11. I love being notified that I’ve received a message from one of my friends. And also getting brohoofs/reactions to my posts and status updates.