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Everything posted by shynight01

  1. i am back

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    2. shynight01


      hey you recently joined how do you like this site


    3. Zachary


      This site is Awesome! I'm Staying here Until I'm get a Job as a Professional Wrestler!

    4. shynight01
  2. This lovely lady is good at drawing oc's she drew mine and hers and both of our profile pic's
  3. i finally got a girlfriend for the first time ever and even better she is on here and she is beautiful

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    2. shynight01


      ^3^*huggles back* so are you

    3. Brobocop


      Oh, get a room...

    4. shynight01


      How are you brofessor

  4. i just got my first job at casey's general store and i am so excited

  5. any of you play yu-gi-oh

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    2. 4HFan


      Well that sucks. Sisters can be such a pain...

    3. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      I played Yu Gi Oh - Forbidden Memories and that one Pc game where you had to fight against that blonde guy. Forogt his name...

    4. shynight01


      ah i play with cards i also play on the dueling network i am on there often because i normally dont have anyone to duel

  6. could you guys help me with this OC's name

    1. 4HFan


      Hmm, how about Card Deck? Just thought that might be a good one.

    2. shynight01


      that sounds cool i will think about it thanks for your help i make my OC's

    3. 4HFan


      No problemo shynight!

  7. shynight01

    Card Deck

    Card Deck
  8. good nite everypony i dont feel well so i am going to bed early

  9. i just started watching heavens lost property and this is a song that i like from it

  10. who is ecstatic for the new season that starts tomarrow

  11. skill with out talant like i have now same
  12. a horse who here has seen or wants to see the new frozen movie
  13. make friends with anyone that need a friend same
  14. all of you look good and awesome while i am ugly and boring
  15. i am officially an adult i turn 18 today

    1. Platinum Sonnet

      Platinum Sonnet

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *gets the party cannon*

    2. shynight01


      that was 2 months ago but thanks

    3. Platinum Sonnet

      Platinum Sonnet

      HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! (i should really check the date that these are posted...) *fires the party cannon*