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  1. My mum knows, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't care as it never comes up in conversation.
  2. I keep on putting the milk in the cereal cupboard, and the cereal in the fridge. It's very annoying and I'm sick to death of it lol
  3. I frankly can't wait for this to be released! It's one on a list of many games for me to buy in the next years to come, including Diablo 3! I loved playing through the first one, I completed Prophecies and Eye of the North, and I must say that their storylines are excellently fantastic (see: super duper). I am looking forward to Guild Wars 2, and from what I've seen so far of the classes I will be playing a Charr Ranger!
  4. That's just the effect she has on people, I'm afraid! I've had something similar where you get very attached to a certain character and you just want to squeeze them. To be honest, though, I don't think any body here would reply with hateful comments etc, the community is much much nicer than that In conclusion, there's not much you can do, I'm afraid! Just watch as many episodes as you can with the other characters is the only advice I can suggest if you don't strictly like how you feel towards her. I remember Fluttershy used to be my favourite pony up until I realised Pinkie Pie was best pony. Just read through your post again and saw the part about intercourse. See a doctor I guess. Either that or fap it all out.
  5. I need a gif of Pinkie Pie from the scene where Twilight is reading.
  6. I can see myself turning into a massive grammar Nazi on this subject. So I'm gonna stay out
  7. From the same guy who did APPLE.MOV, here is another animation!
  8. I cannot wait for this episode! It shall be awesome!
  9. I bought them from THIS page. £5 per calendar and £5 postage! YIKES!
  10. I was thrilled this morning to find that a parcel had arrive for me! Look like the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic advent calendars I ordered from Germany have finally arrived! Behind door number one is a small plastic figure of Twilight Sparkle! I was thrilled to know that these particular calendars contain toys instead of chocolates! Doors two through six contained an assortment of accessories such as a gift box, some snow booties, mini gift letters, a blue strange looking Owlicious and a pink party table! The set includes Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash figures but I can't have those just yet unfortunetly I can't wait for my Pinkie Pie figure, she's the reason I bought the damn thing! I might have to also paint my Rainbow Dash figure in the colours of Derpy Hooves! I will post more pictures later on. Merry Christmas, everypony!
  11. I changed my avatar to fit the holiday season!
  12. I read all of it the other night after receiving the link on Facebook. Very touching story to say the least! Good for him, I'm glad FiM is really helping people with stuff like this.
  13. I was signing up to the Mnecraft forums, and felt like a change from my usual alias of CorruptGod. I looked around the home page for inspiration and saw "Guests signed in: 100" or something similar. I adopted the username of Guest101, pronouncing the number separaely "one oh one". Shortly after, I started my retake year at university. Having failed my first year, I had matured a little from the last time I made an account. I wanted to make a Twitter account, something with a snappy username. I thought "Hmm, Y is a cool letter". I smacked the Y on the end of Guest and got Guesty, but yet it was lacking something, something to make it seem complete. I had been secretly following the entire Minecraft development team on Twitter, and took a liking to Jens' posts about the game. Of course, Jens' Twitter username is "jeb_". After I saw that I realised it was the underscore which completed the name, so I finally made my Twitter account under the alias of "Guesty_"! Guesty_ is used for a lot of things I do nowadays, such as Twitter, these forums and Reddit to name a few! I will miss using CorruptGod, as I'd used it since the very early days of Gaia Online, but alas it was time to move on. So there you have it! I am Guesty_! TL;DR See above for details
  14. Hmm! So I tried them tonight after countless evenings of forgetting about them. They were surprisingly nice! They tasted pretty much EXACTLY like spaghetti hoops, considering they're made from the EXACT SAME STUFF AND THEY ARE IN THE EXACT SAME SAUCE! However, the shapes in my mouth felt strange and unnatural. The first thing I ate was a Flutterby. Then I got a mouth full of everything else. So, verdict? Good!
  15. Ahhahaa! I never even thought of that!