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  1. Electric_Charge

    uhm.. hi

    OMG ! Hello Derpy ! how you doing ? Is nice to have you here in the forum ! But anyway ! PM me if you want to talk ! *hugs tight* byebye !
  2. Electric_Charge


    Hello Derpy Pirata ! "My presence not make much difference here", if you do not do anything to change it ... PM me if you want !
  3. Electric_Charge


    OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! I LOOOOOVVVEEE BLACK HOLES ! I CAN SPEAK ABOUT IT FOR HOURS ! I was wondering if BLACK HOLES are really "holes" , if that black sphere are another tipe of ELEMENT ! Did you heard about WHITE HOLES ? Is where the hole go , like if you enter in a black hole you go out the white hole ! maybe in ANOTHER UNIVERSE ! .... Also , if you want to talk ... PM me anytime ! *hugs tight* bye bye ! heheh
  4. Hello Mr . GamerBrash ! Whoa do you have a channel ?! I'm trying to create one too , but the laziness... But anyway ! PM me if you want to talk ! *hugs* bye bye ! Pinkie Pie is only mine !!
  5. Electric_Charge

    It's been months but finally I'm back

    Welcome back ! Jakey ! You aren't new here , but anyways PM ANYTIME ! have a amazing time here and a lot of friends ! Hugs , and bye ! I love Pinkie Pie...
  6. Electric_Charge

    Hi guys - artist & animator saying hi

    Hey Wardomatic ! How you doing ? i'm pretty good ! Also i have a wacom tablet too ! i am just a beginner , i have the intuos pen ! If you want to talk , PM me ANYTIME ! I love Pinkie Pie....
  7. Electric_Charge

    Hello fellow Bronies and Pegasisters!

    Good OC Mr. Ardef ! if you want PM anytime ! Pinkie Pie is mine alone !
  8. Electric_Charge

    Hello guys

    Hey Boy ! how you doing ? PM me if you want to talk a hug and bye !
  9. Electric_Charge

    Hello everypony

    Welcome to the forums Ryazan ! I hope you have good times here , please if you need to talk PM anytime ! also , i'm not very good with english too ! hahahahaha
  10. Electric_Charge

    Ideas for new topics !

    Share here your ideas for topics !
  11. Trixie looks good in this new banner ?
  12. Electric_Charge

    Why you like my little pony ?

    Debate : Why you like my little pony ?
  13. Electric_Charge

    Which country do you live in ?

    I'm from Brazil, I think the only one in this forum
  14. Electric_Charge

    Which country do you live in ?

    Okay , it is just curiosity : You live in North / South America ? Or Europe ?
  15. Electric_Charge

    I'm looking for new friends

    Thank you all, it pleased me a lot !