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  1. 3 weeks till trotcon AaaAaaAAaaaA!

  2. ayee, got announced for trot con. cant wait to preform ^^

  3. OMG i love this new comish pic i got Eeeeeee!~

  4. ftw not at everfree with your friends :\

  5. Got my FOE book in the mail today :D

  6. took my last final today, wew this semester was horrible, but its done


  7. part of my set from wcpc before it got shut down cuz of the bomb threat thing

  8. aye brohoofs are back

  9. whinny city pony con in 2 days YEEAAAA. im so hype to preform another set and drop some IDs

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* Cool! Hope you have fun! :)


      I hope to be able to go to a pony con at some point. :catface:

    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Aww, catface no work there.. :(

      :catface: Yay! :yay: 

    3. Shadow Dash DJ Rod
  10. wait friends arnt a thing anymore eather, rip. its turning into twitter

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Nu! They are friends! Ignore the title above them. No followers, yes friends. Yus. <.<

    2. ThunderCrush


      Do not listen to what they say, they can't change us.

  11. wait no brohoofs no more?

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* Brohoofed. :3

    2. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      aww rip, they should turn the heart icon into a broohoof *hugu*

    3. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Offers muffin* Yus!

  12. whoa, the website style has changed? .o.



      yep mlpfm 2.0 ! there still things getting transferred from what i heard so give it some time xD

    2. Whirlwind



  13. just got announced, ill be playing at whinny city at the end of march :D

  14. guyyysss i made my first track in fl yuuy, release and profile update coming soon

    1. PiratePony



    2. Whirlwind


      good for you bro. Great job

  15. its ponyvilleFMs 6th birthday today yayayya ^^

  16. wow i really need to update my profile, ive done alot since ive messed with it lol

  17. happy hearths warming ^^

  18. **horse noises** yes im still alive if you where wondering lol

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