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  1. This account is inactive from now on,.I'm just not into this anymore, but thank you all for the great time I had!

  2. Happy birthday! c: Hope you have a great time~ ^~^

  3. I pack in my backpack a book, a teddy bear, a seagull, a spork, a horse, a teleporter gun and a chair.
  4. ​I PACK IN MY BACKPACK i hope this game​ doesn't exist already... if it does, please contact me! Thanks. This game works like this: ​ I write: ​ I pack in my backpack a book Then user 2 has to write the last one(s) and something he wants: I pack in my backpack ​a book and a duck and user 3: I pack in my ​backpack a book, a duck and a blog and so on and so on... ​You have to write/copy the stuff that the last users packed in their backpack, and think something of yourself. So, let's start!​ I pack in my backpack a book.​
  5. Please note: If you want to add pictures from DeviantART, you have to make a rightclick on the picture, click on "Copy URL/Copy Imageadress/Copy adress", then paste the copyied URL in the (add image) window of your Post.
  6. The avatar above me This game is very simple. You just have to rate the profile picture of the last user who posted something in this topic of a scale 1-10 So... Start posting! My profile picture is first
  7. A heavy welcome to the MLP Forums I'm sure you'll find many friends here. Have a great time!
  8. Hi! Nice to welcome you on this Forum! I'm sure you'll find many friends here.
  9. It's true! The stuff is harding so much on those servers! Thank you staff. Roleplay, survival and even creative. i play like everyday. I hope the staff is going to keep working like this. A big big big big big thank you! - Blizz
  10. It's possible to make Minecraft PE Servers with a programm called "PocketMine PE". It's almost like Bukkit, so you could run it on a Virtual Server, Server or host it somewhere. Would be very nice if the Poniverse team would do that! - Blizz
  11. Just changed my name and Profile picture. I think that looks cooler

  12. Blizz


    That looks awesome! I really like it
  13. I just wanted to say: I can't wait to see the Roleplay on the minecraftserver when it's finished! I'm sure it's gonna be good
  14. What do you think about the tree of life? Do you have any ideas how the tree could get better (More powers, ideas etc.) Any other backstory? Tell in the comments/replyies