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  1. Oof. Why am I still here :confused:

  2. Idk why, but I still find it hard to believe that Hasbro managed to get Sia to voice one of the characters for the movie.

  3. Just bought the new album by Queens of the Stone Age, and my gosh it is awesome!

  4. Thonkang intensifies.

  5. RIP Chester Benningfield. For you will be always remembered...

  6. Anyone here play Rock Band Rivals on PS4?

  7. "Alive in the Superunknown! First it steal mind and then it steals your..."

    1. Frostgage


      Soundgarden references always make me smile!

    2. Shiny Ampharos

      Shiny Ampharos

      Finally someone knows the reference :D

  8. What's on your mind?

  9. I have an extremely adorable cat named Elaeis. He sleeps a lot on my bud, that's why there's a lot of fur on my bed, He also meows for food every hour, even though his food bowl is full. He might my a greedy cart, but he's still a cute one!
  10. I forgot how to follow people, but I'm following you xD

    1. catnet


      That's alright, I don't remember how to follow people either x3 And thanks! You really shouldn't though, I don't really do anything of interest ^^;

    2. Shiny Ampharos

      Shiny Ampharos

      It's ok. We can still be friends :)

  11. Hello everyone! Hope everyone's having an awesome Sunday :D

    1. catnet


      Hi! Had a lovely relaxing Sunday thanks, how's yours going along? :)

    2. Shiny Ampharos

      Shiny Ampharos

      Mine's going good, thanks. 

  12. wuss poppin jim🅱️o

  13. Gonna be taking the SATs tomorrow. Wish me luck :D

  14. Welcome to the Meme Game! Wanna know how this works? Well here's how it works: The goal is to create a comment thread based on memes for as long as possible. Simply post a meme that's either a comment or reaction to the post above. Gifs count as memes, by the way. The only rule is to not post anything that is controversial, racist, or anything that might cause people getting triggered. Also, its ok if the topic suddenly changes. It makes it a bit more interesting. So let's get it going! I'll start off:
  15. Gotta love the people who rarely or never reply to anything you say to them.

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