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  1. pretty bored but i like my new book, lasts for an entire year!

  2. thought the game would be ready by ponycon this year ( fully ready ) seems its not.
  3. Novel Novel where art thou Novel

  4. skype: kaikojuonsv3 no face to face i want to see each other as the characters we portray as ( like if you imagine me as my oc or a show chara )
  5. Rate me on my cuteness level! r-r-r-ate meeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. who wants to chat *smirks* or roleplay?

  7. *boop*

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      MEGA BOOP! *boop*

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      *bites back* *boops noses with own nose affectionately / platonically*

  8. I bet ( is so smart for thinking this ) if RD has a mlp forum account her wallpaper would be of a turtle ( cus of tank )

  9. this argument has been steaming in me since august ugh now i can talk about it

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      Argument that if its legal in your state its fine but if its not legal in mine its not okay! ( 15 - 16 dating 19 -18 ) like i'm not in a relationship with someone 19 but i'm saying the argument with your older partnet ( if a girl/guy had one ) that this argument would be wack!

  10. If its illegal in my country and legal in yours how is your argument correct?! if i think mine is correct alos! i swear this laws on ages and dating is messed up!

  11. I found a journal talking about how some bronies are super mean, but this site is okay, theres only been one person i met that was a horrible user and i don't care if its legal in your country! if your under 17 its illegal to date a 19 year old!