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  1. Good news: I think I really like my new job! :mlp_pinkie:

    But...I have to do training, which involves me coming in at 7 AM for the weekend, and 9 AM Monday through Wednesday. T.T I have sleep problems, PLS fix dis.

    But at least we go to our normal schedules after the two-day break following the training. Second shift, here I come. -3-

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    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Heh, lel...thank you, pone! c:

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm sorry about the schedule. :sunny: But great to hear you're enjoying the job itself! :yay:

    4. Zayfen


      Altho the schedule may seem rough on ya, what truly matters is if you like it or not! If you really like doing this job, then you'll know that it's not really a bother! :mlp_smug:

  2. Got to head out to my job orientation in like half an hour. >.<

  3. Hey guys. So I guess the place I'm working will accept old school lunch ID cards as ID, so I'm gonna start orientation tomorrow and it's at an early time, which is sort of a death sentence to someone with sleep problems like me.

    To be honest, with the ID issues, I thought it was gonna take a little while to start, so knowing I might be starting instantly kinda has me sad. I'm kinda hoping I get the weekends off at least. I'm just sorta upset, I thought I had more time. I feel sad because it's gonna make it harder to talk with my friends. Anyhow, I love y'all, and please stand by me!

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope everything goes well, my friend! :kindness: The early start time – I understand why you don't like it, as I've never been a morning person myself... And don't worry about us – even if you're busy now, we'll be here when you can spend more time on the forums! :rarity:

    2. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      You can do it!!:mlp_yeehaa:

    3. J.T.


      Welcome to the working world :mlp_icwudt:

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got hired at the interview, but I gotta get replacements for some forms of ID I'm missing. :yuck:

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    2. J.T.
    3. J.T.


      What kind of work is it?:catface:

    4. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Thanks, everyhorse. o3o

      @J.T. Sales associate, exactly what I was lookin' for. :o And I'm actually making more than I though... ;D And working more. :yuck:

  5. Got an interview today at 1 PM. :yuck::D

    1. Nightmare glim

      Nightmare glim

      Awesome Good luck with your interview bro.

    2. Tacodidra


      Good luck, my friend! :kindness: I'm sure it'll go well! B)

    3. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Thanks pones, it should be an easy place to get hired. :P I pray and hope. >.> Not that I really want to work a full-time job, but...

      You know, life. -3-'

  6. Oh, cool, looks like I might be able to get that job, to say I'm available seven days a week and then work five days a week for like 8 hour shifts. >:c

    So...full-time or nothing, part-time doesn't exist. -3-

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    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      I mean, I like the location and such I guess, I just kinda wanted to spend time with my loved ones... >.< And messed up sleep schedule, ugh. -3-

    3. Zayfen


      Oh, sorry to hear that maye! Hope things will be going your way real soon then!

    4. Tacodidra


      I hope you get it! :kindness: And I hope it's an enjoyable one, even if the schedule isn't the best...

  7. Hey everyone, if all goes well, tonight will be my last lonely, miserable night. o~o Aghhh, technician, pls fix...

    1. Tacodidra


      Good luck, my friend! :kindness: I hope it gets fixed!

    2. Zayfen


      Hang in there bud, good things might be coming your way! Just gotta be a little more patient and, hopefully, all will end well!

  8. Day 2 without my friends: Dying inside. D:

    Honestly though, I can't wait to see all my friends again. I love everyone. I don't care about drama in the community. Should I see it, I'll just smile because I'm there with everyone in the first place, and that's what counts. I love you. I miss you all and pray this internet situation gets resolved at the new house. Pray with me pls. c: Ahhh, I'm so thankful for everyone, I just want y'all back. >.< I know it sounds dramatic for something so seemingly small, but I hate being separated from those I love with no way of contacting them, it gives me anxiety. I hate to make anyone worry or anything.

    Sorry for the cheesiness, but, I've been feeling lost without being able to contact you all. Anyhow, I look forward to the technician coming to my home on Monday. o3O

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    2. WWolf


      Feels :c 

      Soon :grin: 

    3. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Thank you pones, any and all prayers for this are appreciated. ;u; <3


      Can you tell I'm losing it? >.>'

    4. WWolf
  9. So, we had issues getting cable/internet at my new house. Situation didn't sound too hopeful but nobody said it was hopeless or anything. Needing prayers. Kind of freaking out over this because I need my friends and couldn't sleep at all last night due to the stress of knowing I had to move today. I think today was actually one of the worst days of my life. Back-breaking work, exhaustion, anxiety, and disappointment/heartbreak. ;c

    Technicians set to come back on Monday and try again. Oof, please, something go right. >.<

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    2. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      You can always count on my prayers. :)

      I hope everything works out and gets better.

    3. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Glad to hear that...thank you... >.<

    4. J.T.


      The pain makes you stronger :ph3ar:

  10. Couldn't sleep but it's the day of the move. D: Ughhh...

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. :( Good luck with the move, I hope it goes well. :kindness:

    2. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      You can do it!!:-D

  11. Man, getting hired seems hard. I only got one official rejection and a possible second (by not getting a reply yet) and my soul is already broken. :maud:

    Man, everyone's hiring until someone actually applies.

    I mean, heck, can you even get a job without having some super high-up college degree? Or without knowing somebody within a company?

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    2. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      It is really nasty, and does hideous things to your self-confidence - I remember that all too clearly, and I wish I knew what to say to help deal with that. 

      What helped me in practical terms was some volunteering work I'd done - unlike companies, charities are genuinely delighted when anyone wants to help. Bit of a downside of not being paid, but a great way to show a good work ethic and potentially network with people who could help with your job application (anyone who has ever worked in recruitment can probably help you put together a CV / covering letter that hits all the right notes.)

    3. J.T.


      It sucks bro, that's why I'm trying to start my own business.

      What kind of work are you looking for?

    4. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Thanks for the kind words, everypone. o3o

      @J.T. Mmm, generally just looking for a simple something for the time-being. I guess I could be a sales associate at a grocery store or whatnot. I don't really know what my talent is, it might involve something creative though, like...I dunno, making movies. For the time being, I'm just looking for basic, bottom-of-the-barrel work. :blush:

      What makes it harder is I have sleep problems so I'd want some kind of shift starting in the afternoon and ending around midnight. >.< Or if for some reason, they let me pick my own schedule, I'd just...well, probably still do that.  >.>

  12. That Guy with the Fries

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 8th Anniversay Celebration Thread!

    My friend introduced me to it a bit before season 3 came around! I used to laugh at him and the show in general but I couldn't stop thinking about ponies like two days after watching it for the first time, if I remember correctly. Now, here I am!