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  1. I`m the only human beeing on a 50 km radius that watches the star wars cartoons.... wwwwwhy

  2. The essence of time itself IT`S REALLY not in sync with my mind ... why..

  3. If you tell the truth, you don`t have to remember anything.

  4. And the weather is warm and green :3

  5. Roll up beside us.
  6. We don`t want to be the fool, we might think we are a child, and we want to be a warrior, but in time we become all of them

  7. ...yeah...just right
  8. Well... what can you do ?, ...We all live in hope

  9. As long as it`s not a luxurious restaurant... It falls in the less expensive category :3It doesn`t have to be expensive to be good, pub`s FTW Beer and fries at a wooden table.. nothing beats that except if I`m at a date.... in that case..........2 BEERS ! x3
  10. Nothing but peanut butter

  11. Straight got my pijamas Listen to music for 30 min Then either watch a movie and eat Either sleep #NoRagrets then the next day I remember I had homework...
  12. Jazzy Think I`m gonna get myself some tea... And a pillow for some soft jazz x3
  13. aaa.... pff ay.... I... Yeah... I just... never knew... but .... nothing Carrots :3
  14. Have a great night ladies and gentlecolts xD

  15. Would you rather have a first date at an expensive, luxurious restaurant, or at a cheap, little but comfortable pizza parlour ? :3