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  1. I'm better off dead...

    1. Frozen Glow
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      Oi, stop that. Big bro Zaro says no!

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      WHAT? NO! *hugs* you can't go....

  2. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  3. Aegentum grins as he sees the new quest appear. Hmm... I'll actually need help with this one... . Considering his options, he decides to settle for the one girl, Hestia was it? Walking down, Aegentum found Hestia close to where they got cut off at the chase. "Heyo. Remember me?" Aegentum smirks as he says the words, his hand wrapped around the hilt of the dirk, just in case she desires not to cooperate.
  4. @,@@Drago Ryder Aegentum chuckles and grins, sprinting to the clock tower, smiling wide as he jumped over a few carts and hay bales. Looking back, Aegentum smiling as he loses the two, and chuckles as he stops at the top of the tower. Glancing down, he sighs and flips his dirk.... Well then... That was fun.... I need a little more gold
  5. Aegentum smiled as stood up, waking from his nap. Yawning, he pulled out his rusty dirk, smiling as he examined it Geez, that shop sucks. I should get something better.... The Void Aegis should be my next goal... . @, Seeing a girl walk by the base of the tower, Aegentum quickly jumped, eyeing her pouch of gold, making sure she didn't notice as he dived, quietly taking her pouch, disappearing into the shadows. I could totally make a living off this... Maybe another player, then I'll have enough gold . Aegentum smiled coldly as he stood in the shadows, the girl walking past him, not seeing....
  6. Aegentum looked down from the clock tower, smiling as he sees his side quests pop up. Jumping from the rooftop into a conveniently placed pile of hay, you were glad you didn't achieve the Failure to Launch status. That would not be pretty.there would have been so much sound,Munich you hate. Stealth is one of the most important assets. Getting out of the hay, Awgentum walked to the nearest shop, pushing open the door as he sighed in relief, for there was no one there. Soon walking out with a cheap scarf [blue Silk Scarf DEF 1] , which gave a exhilarating one (1) Defense Point. You also wield your newly obtained dirk [Rusted Dirk ATK 1] with cheap satisfaction. Smiling as he saw his experience points and gold go up, thinking. Heh. I got the armor and the weapon, and I got my quest rewards. I still have quite a bit of gold left... Walking back, Aegntum quickly hid, making sure no one saw him. As he got back up the tower, Aegentum smiled at himself, resting his gear on the ground, laying on the wood floor, but making sure the door was locked first, soon after, he drifts off to sleep....
  7. Noice. -bows- How may I serve you, Your Majesty?
  8. Aegentum smiles as he reaches the Town of Beginnings, quickly scanning the sky for the highest building. He soon found a somewhat tall clock tower, and decided to hide up there for now. Sitting on top of the roof of the clock tower, he sat there peacefully, Dragon Cane in hand, watching the others come in, making sure the others can't see him, high above. "This crowd seems fun to play with...."
  9. Arugasi smiles and flipped a pencil, waiting for him system to load. Once it loaded, Arugasi grins and lays in his bed, putting on the Nerve Gear. "Link on!" Arugasi looked down at his hand, opening it and closing, smiling. Hm... So this is SAO... Nice... Let's see. Objective should be to get some better gear first... . Aegentum starts to sprint, pulling out Dragon Cane, and dissapears into the night....
  10. Heyo I'd love to join ^-^ REAL LIFE INFORMATION *Name (First name is fine): Arugasi *Age: 17 *Gender: Male *Personality: Quiet, very curious, and usually gets in trouble. Though quirky, in times, he can be dead serious. *Appearance: An average height male, with Teal eyes, and ink black hair. SWORD ART ONLINE INFORMATION *Screen Name: Aegentum Guild: N/A *Armor: A light blue scarf, and a black aegis. The aegis has a symbol scrawled across the middle of itattachicon.gifimage.png WEAPONS *Main Hand: A long blade with the hilt in the shape of a dragon head. Can be sheathed into a cane. (Named Dragon Cane) Other Hand (if applicable, such as dual-wielder or equipped a shield): The sheath itself is exceptionally sharp, but mostly used as a stabbing weapon, while the blade is used as a lashing one Weapon Skills (if applicable): Insane points in Stealth. Shadow Blade (when he swings or stabs his sword quick enough, it leaves a faint trail, which dissapears soon after.) OTHER Other Skills (can simple as one word or as specific if desired): Bladekind. (Strife Specibus)