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  1. low-key I can't keep this up. I been burned by mods too many times.
  2. @@reader8363, "Much obliged brotha! Hurry yo a** up tho!" Kurren$y watched as his plea for help fell upon the ears of a willing and able pony, sizing the pony up as they walked. Hope he ain't no snake, ain't tryna hit the express-lane back to the brick. Ready to go back to the block and put them young cats in they place.
  3. Breeh all of these internet terms existed ages before they became part of the mass-scale pop culture dictionary. It's all just slang that started lowkey in some town or city that some outsider heard and was like "Yo, I fucks with this", and spread the term to their friends. Personally I love slang: there is a certain amount of creativity in every word, a new way to express an old feeling or action.
  4. @@Summer Breeze, I'll be replying today. Still not finished with the project but I need time away from it.
  5. I wear, and soon will make, clothing I design.
  6. @@Amorphous,@@reader8363, "Aye the f*** am I supposed to get down!? This is why I don't do ninja s***!" Kurren$y shouted at Vermilion but it seemed to him that his call fell on deaf ears. Laying down on the roof for a moment Kurren$y lamented is position "Maaane, this is why I don't do ninja s***." Standing up, Kurren$y looked out over the loosely populated streets and shouted to a random pony "Aye! you! Somepony took off with my ladder, can you help me get off this roof?"
  7. ". . .rack up them pesos, grab some keys, stick 'em in the ignition, and pump the f*** out the gas." I feel like this could use some explaining. I'm not talking about cars here, I'm talking about acquiring kilograms of drugs and selling them or abusing them and getting really high. It's a reference to a line in Cage's Subtle Art of the Breakup Song as well.
  8. @@Amorphous, Kurren$y stopped wilding out after being addressed. "Aight Vermillion. Keep yo cat-burgling-shinobi s***, real ponies buck in broad daylight. Meantime I'ma hit up my boy Pedro, rack up them pesos, grab some keys, stick 'em in the ignition, and pump the f*** out the gas." Kurren$y patted himself down and looked at Vermillion in a pleadful manner "Can I borrow yo magic so I can make a call?"
  9. @@Amorphous, "Hol' up, Mercury!? Breh where the f*** you learn ninja s***? More importantly where can I grab me some swank threads like you rocking?" Kurren$y then stood up on his hind legs and began to wild out, overly excited to discover he had a connection to banging clothing and ninja skills.
  10. I love Vinyl! She is the enigmatic super-mare of the show: altruistic and creative, she epitomizes everything I hold dear. I made this Ode to Vinyl a while back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @@A.V., When I imagine Vinyl with hip-hop I see something like these
  11. @@Amorphous, Kurren$y watched as his ninja friend jumped to a neighboring roof and became indistinguishable from the shadow cast by a larger building. Before making the leap of faith himself, Kurren$y took a second to use this vantage point to his advantage: looking out for prison staff, enemies or allies on the outside, or friends from the prison. The streets surrounding Kurren$y were mildly populated. Judging by the lack of ponies he figured they were in-between rush hours. The wooded area he was pulled out of still contained the guards. Though being above the canopy, Kurren$y could only assume this. Satisfied with his observations, Kurren$y regrouped with his ninja friend in the shadows.
  12. Andante absorbed the old carpenter’s stipulation. Furrowing his brow and stroking his chin, Andante drifted away into a sea of thought, sailing on the scent of freshly carved wood, caught in the cross-wind of the desires of two ponies. After successfully navigating the cross-wind, Andante woke from his absent-minded contemplative state and proposed a compromise. Wood for wood holds our interest more than the prospect of coin, though to your wishes we are deferent. Craft for us a relic of the times with the wood we provide to save us both more than a few centimes. What say you to this offer? Will you exceptionally agree? It never hurts for all to prosper. Andante held an inquisitive look on his face as he waited for the old carpenter to respond.
  13. @@Amorphous, I'll get a few posts in before I get back to painting. I need a break anyway. I spent about 18 hours yesterday designing that as well as two other images, and thus far 10 today creating stencils. . . . Wow, it just occurred to me that I spent 28/48 hours working. Either my work ethic is admirable or i'm being unhealthy.
  14. Aye so I'm probably going to continue to be slow replying to posts. I've got to paint this image on a guitar, and it is proving to be extensively labourious. Hopefully I can be back in action by tomorrow evening.
  15. @@Summer Breeze, I'm going to be slow replying this time around. The Middle Eastern image that I most recently posted is to be put on a guitar and this process has proven to be a laborious pain. Hopefully at the earliest I can get this project done by tomorrow evening, but if not I will be sure to notify you of any time delays.