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  1. I'm 20. My birthday was on the 13th of november.
  2. My cousins made me watch it with them. I kinda enjoyed the show. It was like 3 years ago I think.
  3. Mario Party 2 was the first game in the party series I have played. I'm glad it was since the first mario party had games that caused hand injuries due to rotating the stick with your palm.
  4. I felt kinda depressed after one of my cats went missing. I searched for days and couldn't find her. It all went away when I found out one of my neighbors found her. I have too many animals at home so I let them keep it. Knowing that my cat is safe is all I need to stay happy.
  5. I like to think of my pets as family members. I treat them how I treat my family. Lots of love and care.
  6. I love any kind of chocolate. The snack I love most is chocolate cake. Also chocolate milk to go with it.
  7. I feel pretty good. I ate a bunch of sweets yesterday :3
  8. I feel great. I finally found a friend who is as shy as I am. I think other shy people are the easiest for me to talk to..
  9. I feel great. I'm starting to come out of my shell. Now I feel like I can talk without being as shy as I was before. I'm still kinda shy though.