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  1. The strange new stallion merely nods his head in greeting, before returning his undecided attention to the doctor. "It was very obvious what was planned, unless you have the spell I've been preparing to cast." He says in a matter of fact tone, speaking in an annoyingly plain voice. "Tell me, who all is supposed to enter the filly's mind?"
  2. A combination of amused and annoyance crosses his face, as he turns to look at each of them in turn, his expression barely holding back the contempt for lesser creatures. "Greetings, I am Prince Marion Ette, and I'm here to offer a unique opportunity for the comatose individual, and the friends of hers that are doubtlessly coming." His voice drips with show pony, and he bows to the doctor, almost seeming to ignore the parents without authority in this place... As far as he can recall from his disinterested times at pony hospitals. "Good Doctor, I take it you have the technology, likely experi
  3. A mysterious being was bored. So. Unbelievably bored. It found itself suddenly, and irrevocably BORED! It decided it would take a looksey at the world around it, only to note that a certain pony was in a coma, and some others were on their way... He could work with this... "Maybe, I'll be their Kyuubei!" It hopelessly referenced. "Or, at least, their Inception Box..." With a flash of green changeling flame, it takes the form of a grey stallion, curved horn that fades to scarlet near the tip, meek demeanor and slender framed glasses upon his brow. A purple vest and cloak adorn his boring hide
  4. (Since I've gone mobile, I won't be able to color my text, so apologies.. Nor can I mention...) Noticing the shift in attitude, I find my stay here becoming ever more enjoyable, but noting that I should keep a lower profile from now on. Although, it's not like it matters, as I've already spoken aloud quite a few of the items in my repretoire... I go back to my position at the back, deciding to just hold off on the activation of my contingent spell.
  5. I'm on mobile much for the same reason. Even when I click full version, I don't get all the features I should, like mentioning, or colors/don't and other things...
  6. Alright, I eagerly await it...
  7. So, finally figured this thing out...

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      Unfortunately, most the role plays I'm participating in aren't under My Content... So, can someone direct me to Scars of Equestria?

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      Sorry no, that would require effort.

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  8. Oh... I guess I'll have to accept that...
  9. @@reader8363, Enjoying the pleasantries, I nevertheless default to my paranoia, that's allowed me to last this long amongst demons, devils, and Old Ones. "You should know that names have power in my profession, so you'll be getting what the other one who asked gets. Chuck Finley, Wizard for Hire." I dispense my own greeting, proffering a hand. "At your service."
  10. @@reader8363, I try my best to hold back,and start reasoning that it might be best to pretend that he's won, and is right about everything. I can always mind control him with the hair I palmed earlier... But I end up only taking half my advice. "My specialty is summoning, that is correct. However, I'm also skilled at creating enchantments, illusionary spells, I'm skilled at sleight of hand, and magic to do with the mind is another skill of mine. I also have minor divination power." I smile at my portfolio, about to continue with it. "Body modification spells for various effects, certain
  11. @@reader8363, No... My look turns to barely handled cold fury at his implication. I throw my senses open to magic, and check the circle. It has no power. I go completely cold, and look to the power source. If I use the entire power grid, that might be enough alternate energy to summon the creature... I move over to it, putting on a frustrated guise, as I start making a miniscule ley line, to connect to the array I'm about to draw for power transfer, making a brief little tic on the first circle as I pass it, pointing toward the outlet. I put my back against it, slumping, and begin working
  12. @@reader8363, It matters not to me, as the athame had served it's purpose. Now that it's made contact with the circle, it's tied, and I made it a contingent spell. It took longer than normal to complete, but it was certainly worth it... I call out one more time, before what is to come to pass finally is set in motion. "Do you something else of value, Shadow? Gathering intelligence and the element of surprise." I chuckle, my voice shifting from condescending to arrogant."You never asked me what it was I was doing? And what will happen to the stick, when I use it the way I did it? Why it took
  13. @@reader8363, I grin happily, for someone had given me the tools I needed for causing chaos. Who knows, I might even be able to use that to my advantage in summoning the Spirit of Discord... I set the hair down, muttering arcane prayer to Old Ones (completely for show), sketching out an array in meticulous strokes. Maybe, I'll summon a Shoggoth... I consider the possibilities, and decide on much more powerful Devil, than the one I'd previously summoned... One that would last, now that I'd used a proper athame. Good thing he gave me his hair, otherwise, the thing would force itself on me! And
  14. @@reader8363, I chuckle, not wanting to bring undue attention to myself, but acting against it. "Do you have some vegetation for me to use?" I ask, in an ornery tone. "I need some tie to nature for something you'd like... A stick, and a lock of your hair, as well as some chalk would be marvelous..."
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