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    Video games, listening to music like metal/rock, video game soundtracks, reading comics like Deadpool, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Silk, Spider-Woman, collecting toys of Transformers mostly G1 related may it be loose or reissued. That's that. =D

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  1. Granted, but the whole planet Earth and the population turn invisible instead of you. o3o I wish I can join Thanos' Black Order, so I can be with my waifus, Supergiant & Proxima Midnight. :3
  2. Just a glass of water after lunch.
  3. Movies/TV

    Spider-Man (2017) "Symbiotic Relationship" & "Stark Expo"
  4. Solitary Confinement for attending my class. >3<
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned for not taking the Wonderbolt Exam. o3o
  6. Movies/TV

    So next up, is Aleister Black feuding with Velveteen Dream. Wonder if VD will be the one to give Black's first loss, though technically Black did receive his first loss as Tommy End when he faced Neville at the UK Championship tournament. Can't wait for this feud between these 2. Of course, I'm with Team Black.
  7. *Summons an army of Heartless* Get that duck! >:3
  8. Gotta say, I kinda dig Rarity's punk look, wish she stayed with that look. But I guess she has to go back to her 'default' look just to avoid confusion or something. And also, it's good to see Zecora back again. Let's see, what am I missing? Oh yeah, also liked the scene in which her mane was switched, and the colt screaming like a girl. That made me laugh so hard there. XD It's a nice episode, if not the best IMO.
  9. What she said... o3o
  10. Mega Thread

    Banned for playing a violin instead of spinning turntables. o3o