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    Video games, listening to music like metal/rock, video game soundtracks, reading comics like Deadpool, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Silk, Spider-Woman, collecting toys of Transformers mostly G1 related may it be loose or reissued, and also collecting Gunpla model kits. That's that. =D

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  1. Respond with a picture

  2. Animation Favorite Anime Openings and Endings

    I dig the opening, but never finished the series fully, just went straight to the last 2 episodes. XD
  3. Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Peter Rabbit (2018)
  4. Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Gundam Build Divers - Episode 4
  5. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    McDonald's Egg McMuffin few hours ago.
  6. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    It's a nice episode, also shows us culture and lifestyle of the Hippogriffs/Seaponies as well. And for Scootaloo's case, if flying won't do for her, well, there's an alternative for her which is underwater, as seen in this episode, since it's kinda similar to flying and all.
  7. Lol. Searched my display name and this is the first pic that came up. My cover photo. XD
  8. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    TBD....hmmmm. I got nothing, apart from initials of his name.
  9. What would you do to the avatar above you?

    Force him to do Psy's Gangnam Style dance. o3o
  10. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    HHHHNNNGGGG! So....cute!....Can't.....r-resist! D:
  11. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Venomized for not giving me a Quarter so I can get 1 piece of gumball. o3o
  12. Respond with a picture

    What she said...
  13. The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    Solitary Confinement for banning in this thread without getting proper documents and papers from the Equestrian Embassy.