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  1. Good Night

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      Good night kenshiro 

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      Night Kenshiro. Love the new profile pic BTW.

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      Good night Kenshiro!

  2. SeaPony cuddle hugs are best cuddle hugs.
  3. Ketchup is magicby Liquoricelixlixlix
  4. Not Asking for Trouble S7 Ep11 - Pinkie Pieby liniitadash23
  5. Uploader Description Here’s a piece o’ history for ya: Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a primarily Mexican holiday where people honor their ancestors and help guide them along in their journey to the afterlife. It is believed that on November 1-2 (some traditions vary from Oct. 31-Nov.2), the spirits of the dead are released to Earth temporarily to reunite with their families. People make gorgeous ofrendas, or altars, that are decorated with candles, flowers, and food/drink to feed the spirits after their long journey here. Little toys and sugary candies are offered to the children, and cigarettes to the adults. Sugar skulls are a signature decoration, and of course face paint might be present, too! (But seriously, just look up pictures of the altars they make. They are beautiful.)For this piece, I chose to show the lightheartedness of the theme, focusing on the joy of celebrating those you love and appreciating those you have. I hope you like it!
  6. AJ from another dimension
  7. Kenshiro

    Rarity Fan Club

    Rarity - Oh no you didn'tby BlindCaveSalamander
  8. Her cheeks so cute. Eyes are a bit crossed but you should work on proportion details.
  9. I want that apples. They look delicious
  10. According to me, it looks very nice too
  11. You need to work on body proportions more
  12. Another great work from Dash Yoshi
  13. You are so talented pony!!!