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  1. Aidan Trottin
  2. just became muffin

  3. Mrfluttr

    Deer in FiM

    So I believe that adding deer now would make a big error in the show
  4. Mrfluttr

    Deer in FiM

    I hate to admit it guys but I don't think the deer will be For one reason and one reason only they have already shown deer as non-sentient.
  5. Mrfluttr

    Deer in FiM

    thank you im glad I did not like what I put and I was going to change it thanks for saving me the trouble I personally love the deer. and the idea of them
  6. happy as per-usual

  7. Is it bronycon or galacon or are thay to difrent thing plaese tell.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I think they're two different events.

    2. Mrfluttr


      thank you I've been wondering.


  8. Mrfluttr

    Deer in FiM

    sorry for the crude statement I was in a rush. I find the deer civilization interesting and would add more variety. To the show of course. I would love to see the big forest city in the show.
  9. I think that they should implement the deer
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