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    MLP;FIM (Of course), Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Rick and Morty are my current favorite shows/webcomics to watch/read. I find most of the music I like through fan made videos so I'm not positively sure on what genre. Anime/Manga is awesome. I am an Artist in progress, so I like to draw. And etc.

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  1. This question set of a nuclear explosion in my head. Of every book,show,movie,etc I've seen, I never really thought I could relate to the female characters or want to be them... Given the choice of possibly having amazing powers too I have to narrow down every female character I liked. So far, I can only say that I'm maybe like Akame from Akame Ga Kill. I also love her powers too I'm gonna come back to this when I think of character more similar to me though. (That is also badass and has cool powers XD)
  2. I am going to miss Gravity Falls so much after watching it's last episode...
  3. Name: Brandon Age: 17 Gender: Male State: Pennsylvania (USA) Likes: Animated Shows, (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, MLP, and etc) Anime, Music, Reading, Personality Tests, Drawing, Being alone, Gaming, and probably more. Oh yea HOMESTUCK. (and other webcomics like Always Raining Here) Dislikes: Crowds, School, Some People, etc. Hobbies: Doing nothing productive with my life ;-; Other Info: I am not good at socializing, I don't talk much and feel bad about it sometimes, Lacking Ambition and goals to further my future. Uh... etc.
  4. Celestia: She's been out of the spot light too long. I want to see her go off the deep end. Watching her sanity snap would be thrilling. Pinkie Pie: She'll be the one to smile last. I can imagine her basically being Jigsaw from SAW or something. Lots of potential for going down the path of a villain.
  5. Going off my Pony Personality Test results, I'd say Twilight or Fluttershy. Twilight would help my life stay on track and prove very useful with other problems and situations. She'll also give me good books to read. Fluttershy, because I belittle myself constantly and will provide kindness in my life, and perhaps a deep understanding of my feelings and actions, and provide therapy perhaps. These two are my choices. If I had to choose though, probably Twilight, since I'm more like her. All the ponies are good choices depending on what you need in your life,etc.
  6. I am undateable. No one really holds interest in me for more than a few minutes or so, and me likewise. I never felt a strong connection or urge to be with someone. it sounds ideal, but I don't know what love is.
  7. I sorta of don't know how to feel about having kids or not. One reason is because I'm a homosexual male, and it just seems like that could be hard on a kid growing up. Second, any kids of mine will never get to have a mother in their life. I hope this isn't going to offend anyone, just my personal dilemma.
  8. It's Valentines Day. I feel happy but a little sad that I'm spending it alone. So perhaps today is bittersweet. I don't mind being single the whole year, but when this holiday comes along, it feels kind of suffocating a little. I'll just play games, maybe watch Deadpool, and sweep these emotions under the rug.
  9. I have the opposite dilemma, letting things go all the time. I sort of find it hard to bind myself to the ground and wander around aimlessly. I don't feel attached really to almost anything in my life, just obligated at times to do stuff. I have no friends or nothing. I can make friends but I don't keep them. (Not that I leave them purposely, I just drift away like a leaf in the wind.)
  10. I find myself able to relate more to Luna than Celestia. I like her development and character a lot, and she embodies the time of day I like the most.
  11. Another day, maybe one day someone might give it a new meaning to me.
  12. Anywhere that has four seasons, trees (forests/woods) and little to average population. I better be able to see those stars and the moon as well.
  13. I never truly made a ponysona, or OC. But if I had to choose I would pick Unicorn, because I think magic is cool to have. But I'd probably be an earth pony as I don't like to think of myself as special, or better than what I am.