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  1. I abso-lutely love this avatar after having it for so long I can't imagine you without it. Please don't change it! ♥

  2. Strange enough, I read it top to bottom. Quite interesting. Solid points. hugs and snuggles aren't childish, it's for big boys too ^^
  3. he-llo, I like your scarf ^_^

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    2. RyaN_


      I still like it :)

      Reminds me of the boy scouts ^^

    3. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Oh, ah, well... thanks? XD

    4. RyaN_


      no, thank YOU >=3 ...wait, wut?

  4. Honestly, I'd be okay in a relationship, if she doesn't full-out hate on me for watching the show. Oh, no no no no. Do tell
  5. Sure, it's all in gravity. Point your arm up, it goes down thrust your arm, it goes out
  6. I feel that I'm the victim of my stupidity =\

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    2. Kenshiro
    3. Starflite527


      Humanity is the victim of its own stupidity, no one's perfect. That being said, Kenshiro made a very good point.

    4. Kenshiro


      Thank you Starflite :)

  7. Thank you. I actually did go for a rustic and ancient look. The mechanism is quite light, I just modified the appearance XD
  8. Nah, they said it gave "intimidation" to others; I guess I painted it too shiny... Thanks. It is a good idea to just scavenge the house for potentially useful parts, like sticks and broken toys. Another fellow crafter I knew tried to make a folding knife with some ice cream sticks. I just improved and converted his mechanism into a hidden blade Here's the blueprints if you like :grin2:
  9. 3 days of sleepness nights paid off, made this cool little toy: https://mlpforums.com/topic/146987-just-finished-my-wrist-blade-prop/

  10. so I just finished my hidden blade project for my Assassins Creed cosplay. Tbh, I planned this project 2 years ago, but I was unable to actually get it right no, it is not metallic and cannot pierce, it's just a fun prop for those of you who don't know, the hidden blade is an automatic dagger concealed under your wrist. yes, currently I'm using rubber bands, but I'll create the straps for later. Fun fact; I actually made another prototype, which unfortunately got confiscated due to my friends horsing around XD. What do you guys think? too flashy?
  11. RyaN_

    He-llo Bojo =) how art thou?

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    2. RyaN_


      You better send me some of that beautiful beautiful art though, ;)

      Wait, EG 4 is actually happening????! =D

    3. Bojo


      Yes!!!!!!!!! There's no release date yet though :c But I bet it's coming this year

      Will show you my art as soon as I'm done with it ^^

    4. RyaN_
  12. Hi Alpha! ^^

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    2. AlphaPegasister
    3. RyaN_


      Haven't seen you for a while Alpha ^^ How are things?

    4. AlphaPegasister


      Things are alright. How are you?

  13. *So back in elementary school, my friends were throwing pebbles at the school wall, blistering the ceramic and cement coating (God knows why). I saw what those blokes did. The following day, they were called to Principal Celestia's office, (yes you didn't read that wrong) alongside me and my other friend, since we had witnessed the event unfold. Principal "Celestia" demanded to know who led and partook in this incident, and guess who they pointed at? You guys know where this is going? That's right, yours truly. It was a conspiracy. Unfortunately, I was outspoken, five against one; So I had to roll with the punches (that meant I got bloody detention and my name was marked); Bloody educational system. **Another time, the stereotypical class-bully began showering me with insults and just some plain old mean verbal bullying. Fueled by adrenaline, I gave the blighter a punch to the face....-hard. Didn't end up well for him, much less for me; Apparently, physical bullying is charged greater than verbal bullying. Such nonsense. Life might not play fair, but that is no excuse for you to do so as well.