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    I really enjoy animation, art, and film.
    God is good. His admiration is something I really look forward to achieving up in heaven, and I hope I am making him proud.

    Top five favorite movies (as of this point)
    5. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
    4. Inside Out
    3. Osmosis Jones
    2.Wreck-it Ralph
    1.The Lego Movie

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    5. King of the Hill
    4. Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
    3. Gravity Falls
    2. One-Punch Man
    1. Mlp:Fim

    I also really like Dexter and Scrubs, haha! xD

    Drawing is a huge passion of mine, and I love to rant and rave about animation.

    I love Owl City, Sidewalk Prophets, and Francesca Battistilli.:P

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  1. ~ Season 2: April 2019 👌

  2. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, glip glops.
  4. all day. 100 push ups. 100 sit ups. 100 squats. And run 10 kilometers everyday. Do you like pickles?
  5. I thought the cringe comedy in this episode was really funny, haha. I also thought it added to the humor in this episode; I kind of got like a weird King of the Hill vibe from it...since king of the hill is mostly awkward comedy, and dry humor. It was pretty awesome, haha.
  6. A web article I read from Horse News talked about it.. Horse News handled the ILoveKimPossible a lot controversy so poorly. Horse News was childish, disrespectful, and did not handle reporting this sensitive information very well. The controversy seems so out of hand at this point. It is wrong what KP did, but still.
  7. I remember being told Santa wasn't real, and just being stumped by it. At first I thought it was a test my mom was playing on me; like, who ever stopped believing in Santa first would get nothing for Christmas. So I continued to believe for awhile, even using those fake "Santa is flying over this state!" news broadcasts to back my theory Santa was out there...because news stations would NEVER lie! Of course, I know different now. I just remember being so conflicted after hearing Santa wasn't real.
  8. My mom is probably the nicest person ever; she would allow anything and do anything for me my brother and sister. The only problem is, my brother and sister take advantage of her niceness a lot, and hurt her feelings. They tend to boss her around quite a bit. I usually am off to the side doing things on my own, and my mom will be making or doing something for my brother or sister. It is both sad and annoying. I don't have a dad; or I do, I just don't accept him as a father figure. He is the same as my mom though, accept he was a bit more self centered so he wouldn't do anything for my brother or sister, he likes having things done for him. I think two parents should find a common ground with being strict and fun, same with a single parent. If they don't, usually fun parents are used as doormats and uptight parents lead their kids to live really unruly lives.
  9. I am feeling tired. I want to sleep, but the internet's warm glow is keeping me awake.
  10. Fluttershy: "You know what would go good with the roasted turkey? Other roasted critters! Man, this oven Twilight found is the best."
  11. I think this was my favorite season of lil' pwnies yet! I say that, because there actually hasn't been that many bad episodes in my eyes. Some episodes focused on a lot more developement, heart, and comedy; three things I think MLP excels at when it really hones in on them. My bottom episodes are... What About Discord? Oh lord...this episode made me cringe. And bad, too. Twilight was out of character out of the wazoo during this; she kept saying simply because she was the princess of friendship she had to know what happened between the other ponies and discord, which is quite different from the awkward and clumsy Twilight earlier this season. It was annoying, tedious, and I doubt I will ever revisit it. PRINCESS SPIKE HOLY COW. It is the WORST episode of MLP. Rainbow Falls doesn't compare to this garbage. That ending just ruined this episode for me...all that set up with spike rallying to get ponies to rebuild that statue, for it to fall again and the episode to end ambiguously. I barely remember laughing during it. It had such potential..I really want a good Spike episode, but this just makes me see Spike as a joke. He deserves better than that.
  12. If you like anime, try watching Bo-BoBo or One-Punch Man, both of which are humorous tongue in cheek parodies of anime. Dan Vs. is a pretty good show, maybe try watching an old cartoon over again. I am trying to watch Codename: Kids Next Door once more for the heck of it.
  13. Everytime Rainbow Dash says "I'm so proud of you, little buddy." in the "We'll Mark Our Mark" song, I melt. It is so sweet.