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  1. Rudehamster

    Trackpad Art

    It only took about 2 hours, and I used Macromedia Flash mx 2004 xD It was all I had available Good luck with your art I am sure it will be awesome :3
  2. Rudehamster

    Trackpad Art

    I was bored, I didn't have a tablet, so I drew this with my track-pad, overall, I like how it turned out. Well, actually the background is a bit gross, but oh well.
  3. Rudehamster

    Video Alcatraz tribute~

    For those of you who don't know, my incredibly talented younger sister has an animation series she is currently working on called "Alcatraz" and this is just a little video tribute I put together for her.. partially because I was bored, partially because I like the animation, and partially because I need practice with sony vegas.
  4. Rudehamster

    Gaming Do you game for skill or just for fun?

    To be honest, I do both. I play single player games like half life 2, the sims, torchlight 2, skyrim, and such to unwind and have a good time. While I play games like team fortress 2, DotA 2, and Civ 5 for the competition. I am really into competitive games but I like to just be able to unwind and play a good single player game... i guess when I play multi-player i play for the competition in general.
  5. Rudehamster

    I hate you because

    I hate you because you are being overly harsh.
  6. Rudehamster

    My First Ever Deviant Art Drawing

    That's awesome!!~ I love the penguin suit :3
  7. Rudehamster

    Video Voice reel

    This is just something quick I threw together. I have been trying to get into voice acting/voice work, so why not get my name out there. I did all of these voices one after the other, one take, and no editing was done to pretty up my voice. So when you notice some imperfections, that is the reason, it is very hard going from Doom Bringer to elmo in 10 seconds xD... also my batman was terrible, I messed up the line LOL Any comments? criticisms? I would love to hear them :3
  8. known for being amazingly creative... well, this was intended for the person above you, however, it has turned from being sarcastic, to sincere I guess...
  9. Known for having a (computer?) that is bias against Russian signatures.
  10. Known for not being taken seriously.
  11. Rudehamster

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Sugar Plum x Zoop ... because I am not creative right now...
  12. Rudehamster


    not sure if troll, or just really over excited... Hopefully the latter... anyway, welcome to the forum, don't be a stranger hope you have a good time here.
  13. Rudehamster

    Visual Art some more random drawings~

    *does research* hmmm, intriguing... not my cup of tea in regards to the fandom, but interesting non-the-less. Nice to meet you oh equinox pony, do enjoy the forum.
  14. Rudehamster

    Visual Art some more random drawings~

    *sees comment, checks profile* how can you call yourself 'infamous' when you have almost just joined the forum?... ah, whatever xD Thanks, glad you like my drawings.