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  1. Just back home from Polk County's finest. Made an illegal u-turn. Get pulled over. And, magically, finds my little nickle sack of something something. HOW!? WHY!? How the fuck do you guys know where and when to search!?

    Some BS spidy-sense is what it is! 

  2. Kagami-sama

    Health How often do you have a cold?

    Maybe once every 4-5 years? I drink plenty of water. So much so that I'm basically immortal.
  3. Kagami-sama

    General How many cars have you and your family owned?

    1972 Buick Lesabre. 1971 Ford T-Bird ( Got towed away and never saw it again... ) 1995 Mercedes Benz ( Wrecked ) 2002 Ford Taurus ( Wrecked ) 2002 Ford Windstar ( Wrecked ) 1993 Camaro ( Still sitting in my back yard collecting weeds ) 2010 Chevy Sonic ( Wrecked ) 2000 Mustang ( Wrecked kinda... ) 2012 Dodge Avenger ( My mom's current car after I wrecked her sonic ) 1995 Dodge Ram ( My current vehicle. Not wrecked yet ) I crash a lot of cars...
  4. Kagami-sama

    What key on the keyboard do you hate most?

    Shift. I can't for the life of me use it without prompting that stupid "sticky key" shit and fucking up my games!
  5. Kagami-sama

    Weather/Meteorology talk thread

    No gas in my truck to leave. No money. Almost no food. I live in a trailer. And I'm in the smack ass middle of Irma's path... I guess you could say, Irma's about to rock me............... like a hurricane! No but seriously though, I'm about to shit my pants!
  6. Kagami-sama

    What would you do when the brony fandom dies

    Fandoms like this don't just die.
  7. Kagami-sama

    Why Are Cringe Videos Made Of Bronies?

    Because we are cringy.
  8. Kagami-sama

    Smoker Thread

    Winston or L&M's. On rare occasions when I can't afford them, 305's. And when ever I can get a hold on some, 420.
  9. The user above me is REALLY a skeleton! DON'T TRUST HIM/HER
  10. Kagami-sama

    When generally do you go to bed?

    ignore this message. Move along.
  11. Kagami-sama

    When generally do you go to bed?

    I usually don't go to bed at all. Insomnia.
  12. Kagami-sama

    Science Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    Bigfoot? You mean Chewbacca? If Bigfoot truly exist, he might be a Wookiee.
  13. Kagami-sama

    What is your favorite place to get pizza?

    Little Caesars. Cheap and tastes like shit. Just the way I like it!
  14. Kagami-sama

    Gaming Where do you buy your video games from?

    I buy my games from
  15. Kagami-sama

    Flirt With the User Above