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  1. Just back home from Polk County's finest. Made an illegal u-turn. Get pulled over. And, magically, finds my little nickle sack of something something. HOW!? WHY!? How the fuck do you guys know where and when to search!?

    Some BS spidy-sense is what it is! 

  2. Maybe once every 4-5 years? I drink plenty of water. So much so that I'm basically immortal.
  3. 1972 Buick Lesabre. 1971 Ford T-Bird ( Got towed away and never saw it again... ) 1995 Mercedes Benz ( Wrecked ) 2002 Ford Taurus ( Wrecked ) 2002 Ford Windstar ( Wrecked ) 1993 Camaro ( Still sitting in my back yard collecting weeds )( Sold ) 2010 Chevy Sonic ( Wrecked ) 2000 Mustang ( Wrecked kinda... )( Fixed ) 2012 Dodge Avenger ( My mom's current car after I wrecked her sonic ) 1995 Dodge Ram ( My current vehicle. Not wrecked yet )( Wrecked ) 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix ( My current vehicle. Bought that sum bitch for $300 baby! AND I
  4. Shift. I can't for the life of me use it without prompting that stupid "sticky key" shit and fucking up my games!
  5. No gas in my truck to leave. No money. Almost no food. I live in a trailer. And I'm in the smack ass middle of Irma's path... I guess you could say, Irma's about to rock me............... like a hurricane! No but seriously though, I'm about to shit my pants!
  6. Hurricane Irma possibly hitting Florida? Bring it on bitch!

  7. Fandoms like this don't just die.
  8. Winston or L&M's. On rare occasions when I can't afford them, 305's. And when ever I can get a hold on some, 420.
  9. The user above me is REALLY a skeleton! DON'T TRUST HIM/HER
  10. ignore this message. Move along.
  11. I usually don't go to bed at all. Insomnia.
  12. Where am I??

    1. Lucky Star

      Lucky Star

      MLP forums :P

    2. Kagami-sama


      Well I'll be damned... It's looking good!

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