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  1. ...Especially the Kanto Elite 4. Anyways...least fave level in a video game would have to be Death Mountain in Zelda II.
  2. ...I agree with this. I mean, once or twice I'd think "This might be real." After 30+, though, I'm like "This is total BS."
  3. Ace Attorney. This one should be pretty obvious: "Ahhh! After 10,000 years, I'm free! IT'S TIME TO CONQUER EARTH!"
  4. EVE Online. "The hard part for us avant-garde post-modern artists is deciding whether or not to embrace commercialism. Do we allow our work to be hyped and exploited by a market that's simply hungry for the next new thing? Do we participate in a system that turns high art into low art so it's better suited for mass consumption? Of course, when an artist goes commercial, he makes a mockery of his status as an outsider and free thinker. He buys into the crass and shallow values art should transcend. He trades the integrity of his art for riches and fame. ...Oh, what the heck. I'll do it."
  5. God dammit...the Fairy Tail members are insane.
  6. I have yet to see Fairy Tail in general. Actually I take that back. I'm watching the first episode right now. Lucy is my fave character so far, and so's Natsu.
  7. My turn. "Do you have the time to listen to me whine?"
  8. Thank you so much! There are a few shows I can recommend to you, if you'd like.
  9. She's very pretty. Nice work. I'm pretty new to Fairy Tail, though. Explain the basic concept, please?
  10. Kid Icarus: Uprising. Nailed it.