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  1. We'd love to hear some of them if you're willing to post!
  2. I am also definitely looking forward to Fallout 4! I can not afford it currently, but the videos of the game play are amazing. Anything can be exciting, if you want it to be! That is fantastic! I haven't ridden in almost a full year now - The horse I rode, sadly, passed away. It's tough moving on and finding a new partner to learn the subtle things in their behaviors. Drawing is fun! Sleep is better. That is exciting! I can not write or create music. At least, I haven't tried in quite a while. Any you have that are posted anywhere we can check out?
  3. LARP! I love it! I haven't done it in a while, since my setups were lots in my move to Texas (T_T) But want to start it back up so badly. The money for it is the hard part! Haha. Thinking I need to start with Rock Bison from Tiger and Bunny. I have the build for him! Chilling out is definitely a good thing to do. Spending time with significant others is also very relaxing! No judgements here, Youtube FTW! Do it with Dan, Jake the Garden Snake, Walteriffic, Chaseontwowheels, YummiR6, Blank Check. These are a few of my favorite things!
  4. Hey all! Just got back from the 2015 Texas Motovlogger Meetup yesterday, and was wondering if anyone else went and did some exciting things on their off time? This meetup had about 266 bikers for the ride to the final meetup location, with a bunch waiting there (no official count after everyone got there sadly.) Ride time was about 2.5 hours, with 2.5 hours ride to get to the first meetup location, then 3 hours home after the end of the meet. Unfortunately there were a few crashes - One breaking two fingers when his bike with a sidecar rolled off the road into a tree (He's fine though, cuts and bruises. He was wearing his gear). Other crashes were all lowsides and cosmetic in nature, with a few bent clutch levers and shifters. It was fun stuff! What about you guys? Anything fun?
  5. Well, what kind of help are you specifically asking for? Someone to read and make suggestions on the beginning that you already have, or that you are going to write? More info needed.
  6. I like it! Very well done. Their expressions are great!
  7. I think I am a little bit too new to the forum to really have a reputation.
  8. Kind of a darker brown? Whenever I spend a good amount of time in the sun, it definitely gets lighter the more exposure I get. That, or my skinds dark enough to make it seem lighter.
  9. Absolutely Applejack. Mannerisms and hard working - all quality traits in a good partner! It takes work to maintain a working relationship - The fact shes already hard working helps!
  10. I dont really like things being spoiled, but I can understand the excitement that comes along with it, and wanting to share it! Even if an episode gets spoiled before I watch it, It doesnt change the fact that I enjoy watching it.
  11. Pretty much the entire game. I've loved the fallout series, and intend to continue playing through them!
  12. If I didn't have to worry about money, I would spend time Motorcycling around the world. Learn to fix everything I can get my hands on. Just pursue knowledge and experience in the things I love to do.
  13. Applejack, for sure! Something about the Country in the gal!
  14. Well, sure. But Id probably just cut a patch out of the side of my pants. Surely the cutiemark wouldnt be so large.
  15. Koinonia


    Hey hey! Appreciate the welcome, yall! I ride a couple! Mine is a 2003 BMW K1200RS. I regularly ride a 2010 Moto Guzzi Griso, though! It is definitely fun to do.
  16. Koinonia


    Howdy! My Favourite Mane 6 Pony Applejack! How I found MLP Forums Google search. How I became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Well, Ive got a motorcycle riding buddy, who has a Brony lanyard for his keys. He suggested checking it out, so I did. Hooked now! Some thigs I enjoy, are Shadetree mechanic-ing, drawing, reading, and riding motorcycles! Currently working on a friends '78 Chevy truck, so thats taking up free time. Its fun stuff! I was going to post earlier, but I had to run to work. Now that im here and it has quieted down,(as well as a kind comment sent to me), Ive jumped onto my phone to post! Hope I can get along.